Waste Reduction Success
With Single Stream Recycling and your participation, the Town of Bedford received a Westchester County Eco Award for having the highest residential recycling rate in the county in 2017. Congratulations!

Let's keep it up, Bedford!
Westchester County recognized the Town of Bedford with an Eco Award for our stellar recycling in 2017!
Changes to Single Stream Recycling
Please note the temporary changes to Single Stream Recycling due to China's recent announcement that it will no longer import much of the world’s recyclables. This has caused instability in the global market for these materials and while this is in flux, the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) where our recyclable materials go for processing has modified what will be accepted.

However it is important to note that the majority of materials we have been recycling ARE still accepted. Please continue to recycle your plastic containers, glass, aluminum, clean paper, cardboard and more!

NO LONGER ACCEPTED: Plastic bags, thin film plastic, Seran wrap, bubble wrap, candy/chip wrappers, wax paper, liner bags and similar materials.

Materials being sorted at the Stamford MRF
Baled recyclables to be sold and made into new products. China's import ban has temporarily depressed the market for these materials causing the MRF to make changes.
Tips For Further Waste Reduction
  • ​​​​​​Plastic, aluminum, and glass recyclables should be free of food and rinsed
  • Cardboard and paper recyclables must be clean and dry
  • Do not to bag your recyclables - leave them loose in your recycling bin
  • Use your larger bin for recycling and your smaller bin for trash

Click on the icons below for more information about these Bedford 2020 waste reduction programs, and stay tuned for the Zero Waste Challenge coming in the fall!