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Feb. 2017 Newsletter  |  Number 142
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Acting for VO & More - 2/2-16
INTRO: Starting Out - 2/4
Small Group Workout - 2/8
The Long Haul - 2/11
Stepping Out - 2/12
Creating Characters - 2/12
Home Recording: Studio - 2/15
Bringing Voices to Life - 2/17-19
Narration Simple - 2/24-25
VO Boot Camp - 2/26
INTRO: Starting Out - 3/4
Auditioning for Film - 3/5
Daytime Conservatory - 3/7-5/9
Home Recording: Audacity - 3/7
Making It M.I.N.E. - 3/8-29
Narration Styles  - 3/11-12
Diction & Clarity - 3/13

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My First Acting Lesson
By Harlan Hogan

"It says here you're transferring in from Eureka College, but I don't remember you auditioning for me."
 "Oh, God," I thought, "here it comes, one day at Wesleyan and out."
"I auditioned for Dr. Tucker," I managed to squeak out.
Again came the glance over the glasses.
"Are you any good?" he asked in a flat tone of voice.
Am I any good? Am I any good? Am I any good? The question ran through my mind, careened off the back of my cranium, and stuck somewhere between the left and right hemispheres. Alarm bells sounded in my ears, my left brain shouted to the right, "Dive! Dive!" 
This was a trick question, of course. No, this was the trick question of all time. If I say yes, I'll be branded as cocky; worse yet, a troublemaker. If I say no, how could I be worthy of IWU's acting program? I'd been voted best actor at Eureka, but it was a very, very, small school. He peered up at me, I lamely smiled down, and said, "I'm pretty good."
     Glasses off.
     Slight smile.
     Deep frown.
     "Then you'll never make it," he said.
     Long pause.
     Glasses on.
"Mr. Hogan," the good doctor confided, "you've chosen the most competitive, difficult, demanding, infuriating, and vicious way to try to make a living on earth and if you're not really good, then, you'll never make it. See you in class."
The truth sometimes hurts but it's always the truth. Now, after 25 years of making my living as an actor I realize Dr. Ficca left out one, important fact. The most competitive, difficult, demanding, infuriating, and vicious way to try to make a living on earth, is also the most fun.

Excerpted from "VO: Tales and Techniques of a Voice Actor."  Harlan Hogan has a career of almost 40 years as a voice- actor. He teaches The Long Haul - Building a Career That Lasts on Saturday, Feb 12. 

Sunday Drop-In Improv
Two sessions in February:

Feb. 12 - Improv Games and Scenes.  While everyone can have fun with improv, it's especially recommended for performers. For the actor, improv can expand your range, keep you loose, help manage any performance anxiety and keep you ready to take best advantage of unexpected opportunities.

Feb. 19 - Your Oscar Winning Moment.  We'll work on finding the right time/scene where you can let yourself shine a bit, chew the scenery a bit, AND then, let another scene be another performer's scene. Figuring out who is the protagonist, when is there a time for more emotion, more confessions, and more confessions of backstories, true motivations and fears.

​​$15 cash at the door.

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