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Boney Courthouse

A cultural treasure in Anchorage, Alaska


Boney Courthouse is a local treasure in Anchorage, Alaska. Construction was completed on this iconic building in 1973 and the courthouse is known as the first public building in the state to include artwork as an integral part of its planning and design. The resulting building was so  popular, that in 1975 the Alaska State Legislature enacted the Alaska 1% for Public Art Program. This program mandated that all future public buildings would be required to budget 1% of their entire funding to the procurement and inclusion of artwork into the projects. 


The cultural history of the Eskimo, Athabascan, Aleut, and Tlingit people of Alaska is represented in many of the works of art displayed in the courthouse. These glass pieces were designed by local artist,  Preston Singletary, keeping with the theme of the cultural history.


(above/left) After the glass had been painted, the film was removed bringing the full design into focus. 





(below) National Sign employees use a spray-painting technique to achieve the color gradient effect on the glass. 

The glass was sandblasted and etched by local artist, David Franklin, and transported to our office in South Lake Union, where they were masked and painted by National Sign's Master Painter, Nathaniel Schmid. Once painted, the fourteen individual panes of glass were shipped to Alaska (along with a few National Sign employees) and installed. 


The original designs were created by Preston Singletary, an internationally recognized artist, who specializes in European glass blowing traditions and Northwest Native art. Preston surely sparked inspiration from his own Tlingit cultural heritage in the designing of these pieces for the Boney Courthouse. 


Helping to bring the artwork to life was David Franklin, a well known Pacific Northwest artist with more than 20 years experience in native sculpture and graphics. David's experience in the public art realm was crucial in engineering and designing the artwork. 


Our team worked directly with the artists, Preston and David, to engineer and bring to life the design work.  National Sign created custom steel frames to hold the artwork in place and help protect it for years to come. 



(left) Seven panes of glass make up the exterior panels, which were installed at the front entrance to the courthouse, a sneak peak into the many pieces of art that the building contains.

National Sign Corporation would like to thank Preston Singletary and David Franklin for trusting us with their business.


It was truly a pleasure to work together! 


At our main office — a 30,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility — we provide a full range of services including project management, concept design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.


We’re proud to note that our design and fabrication is produced in the United States. Every piece is created by our staff of highly skilled craftsmen.


 Design engineering at it's best is the trademark of our beautiful, iconic signage.

Thank you for reading from all of us at National Sign Corporation!

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