Red Fish on the Low Tide
The red fish are still in their winter time pattern of big schools in the back of creeks and on the flats.  Over the last few days, we have been on schools of fish from 10 to 100 fish.  Sometimes they aren't happy and are hard to get to bite, but we never give up and can usually connect with one or two.  Here is a video from a year or so ago taken in early March.  Enjoy

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The Great Mexico Fishing Adventure:  February 10-16, 2018

On February 10 six adventurous fly fishing fanatics departed on a Fishing Safari to Casa Viejo Chac for six days fly fishing.  Casa Viejo Chac is a locally owned lodge in Punta Allen, Mexico about 4 1/2 hours south of Cancun.  It is located in the San Kian preserve on Ascension Bay.  The Preserve is listed as a World Heritage site, and is one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  This is my 3rd trip to Casa Viejo Chac.


Coffee was available at 6:00, Breakfast at 7:00 and every morning about 8 AM we would leave the lodge in 22 foot Pangas with two anglers and two guides.  Some people targeted Permit, some Bone Fish and Permit, some Baby Tarpon and some Snook.  Most of us asked the guides to put us on large Bone Fish with a possibility of shots at Permit.  On average, most of us caught 6-8 good size Bone Fish a day.  Several of us had good shots at Permit, several follows, but no takes.  One Snook was landed and no baby tarpon.  


The guides had us back by 5:00.  Apres fishing, we sat around outside in 80 degree weather snacking on ceviche, guacamole, chips, and pico de gallo.  All of this was washed down by cold cerveza and Margaritas.  We swapped stories about fish caught, fish lost and what flies seemed to be working best.  Dinner was served at 7:00, and most of us were dead asleep by 9:30.  A St. Simons chef describes the food as some of the best he had ever had at a lodge.


It is important to communicate with the guides and tell them what you want to do.  They do their best to tailor the fishing around your wants.  On about the third day, one of us had not landed a fish.  We told the guide that the most important thing was to put us on lots of fish.  Well by the end of the day, both anglers had landed dozens of bones, and that boat landed over 60 for the day.  On another, we specifically targeted tarpon.  The guide wore himself out trying to put us on tarpon.....Several other people wanted to target just Permit, and they spent the day looking for this elusive species.  


A fine time was had by all.  I have reserved February 9-16 2019 for another fishing Safari to Casa Viejo Chac.  Below are a few pictures from this year's trip as well as links to google albums of photos from the last few years. If you are interested in this Fishing Safari, please get in touch with me.  I will begin taking reservations asap 


Here is a link to  a Google album of more pictures.  Join us next year.  This is a surprisingly affordable trip.

Casa Viejo Chac Photo Album 

 Late Winter and Early Spring fishing report


It seems like I missed the Spring weather which occurred while I was in Mexico in February.  We had 80 degree days.  When I returned I saw water temperatures bumping 70 degrees.  Then, when March came in, it blew in with cold temperatures and wind.  Last night, 3/12, the low as 37, and yesterday we had winds to 35mph.  Not very conducive to fly fishing. The weekend is looking much better.


However, I have made it out a few times.  We had a huge Full Moon morning tide the last week of February.  With water temps in the high 60's at that time, I thought the fiddlers might be active and the red fish tailing in the Spartina grass.  Unfortunately, we did not spot any tails on the trip, but I had reports of some people seeing a number of fish.  Now the water temperature is back down in the high 50's I don't expect to see any tailing fish until late April.  If we get a push of warm weather, it may happen again in March, but right now March blows.


The few times I have been out, I have found large schools of red fish on the low tide.  At times, these fish seem to be very moody and just want to sit on the bottom.  They seem to become more active on the incoming tide, and I had a client connect on a puppy drum and a large 11 lb red.  The 11 lb red took him well into the backing and it took about 10 minutes to land this bruiser.


I have had reports of some nice trout being caught, but have not fished for them myself.  

If you just want to catch fish, fish for Whiting.  They are biting  well and some nice fish are being caught.  They don't freeze well, but make a terrific fish fry when you cook them fresh.


I am anxiously waiting for the triple tail to arrive.  I was planning on using the Parker this Spring for combo fly fishing shark trips behind shrimp boats and then triple tail.  However, the federal waters are closed to shrimping due to die offs in January.  It is too early to tell when they will reopen.  It may not be until June when the shrimp spawn is over.  With no shrimp boats, there won't be any shark fishing behind them.  We will see how this progresses.  Regardless, combo red fish, trout and triple tail trips are fun.


If you are coming to SSI for Spring Break, Vacation, business trip or just a visit, cast me a line and let's go fishing.  

Capt. Dave Edens

"Hunting Fish in the Marshes of Glynn"


Sidney Lanier Bridge on a slick calm morning.  Photo by T. Whittle


Puppy Drum-Red Fish from Fall 2016 Spawn.  As I reported in the last Newsletter, the Red Drum Spawn in Fall 2016 was the best in years.  As a result, there are a lot of these fish around.  If they can survive the bait slaughter, we will find them tailing in the grass this summer, on the flats next fall and in the marsh for the next 3-5 years.

Please practice catch and release on red fish. 


DNR Asks Anglers to Release Larger Speckled Sea Trout

Due to the recent cold weather there is evidence that speckled sea trout have suffered a minor cold kill.


After the winter of 2009/2010, when there was a large cold kill, Anglers practiced ROE-Release Over Eighteen.
These larger trout are prolific spawners. If we protect these important fish, the sea trout fishing will rebound quickly. So if you go trout fishing, keep a few 14-15" fish for dinner and let the others go, especialy the ones over 18".


Time to Book Your Trip


If you are planning a trip to the Golden Isles this Spring, Summer or Fall, now is the time to call and reserve your days.  

I am already booking trips for tailing red fish in August, September and October as well as in March for Spring Break and over July 4 week.


Remember that triple tail start showing up in late March or Early April.  Combined trips for red fish and triple tail make for a fun day sight fishing.


Give me a call at 706.540.1276 or send an email to and we can get started.


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