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Feature Project
Brewer Master Suite Addition - Clean lines & Modern Vibes

This master suite addition added much needed space for this professional couple. Although the exterior of the addition was designed to blend with the colonial style of the original home, a more modern aesthetic was used on the interior to better suit the client’s taste.

Clean lines and a monochromatic color palette carry throughout the space from the spacious and serene master bedroom through to the sleek custom closet and an amazing master bath that can rival some of the top luxury spa retreats. The simplicity of the decor and overall design made the finish details that much more important...

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Company News
New Office & Shop -Status Update
Our new office project in Plymouth is well underway! Blueboard & plaster are finishing up in both the office and shop and a recent walk through helped Eric & Stacy finalize some dimensions for planning of interior fixtures & finishes. 

Working through  the details of our own project give us a renewed appreciation for all of the decisions that our client's are faced with throughout the course of their building & renovation projects and it's interesting to be filling both roles of client and builder this time around. 
Back to School Time

It's time to head back to school and some of the littlest members of the Thorson family are heading to school for the very first time. Carpenter Jared McCartney's daughter, Delaney, was ready to go for her first day of pre-school. Her sister, Tatum, looks on with excitement for her big sister. 

Planning your Remodel
5 Steps to Success
Planning for a remodeling project can be a daunting task. We've spoken with countless homeowners who just don't know where to begin. They know that they will need an estimate for the  project and usually have some goals about when they would like the project to start or be completed. Sometimes that laser focus on the project cost and timing can lead to poor planning, inaccurate cost estimates and ultimately a project that is rushed and can lead to a long list of hurdles during construction.

In this blog post we take you through 5 of the steps you should consider well before the work begins or even an estimate is drafted to ensure your project is well thought out and your professionals have everything they need to price your project as quickly and accurately as possible. 
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Kitchens: Form Follows Function
Louis Sullivan a 19th Century Chicago based Architect held the belief that “form follows function”, in essence saying that the shape and design of a building should be directly related to or even dictated by it’s intended function. This axiom has become a cornerstone of many design & architectural firms principles.

A kitchen designer often takes this same approach to designing your kitchen, creating a space that functions as well as it looks and is catered to the way the space will be used.  After all what good is a beautifully designed space if it doesn’t function well? From the overall layout,  inserts and unique cabinet modules to varying operation of cabinet doors and drawers, all of the so-called bells and whistles contribute to the increased functionality of a new kitchen.
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Design & Detail Spotlight
Picking the Perfect Plumbing Fixtures
While building or remodeling a home there are countless decisions to be made, some more fun than others. Picking out a roof shingle for instance isn’t very glamorous, but plumbing fixtures are a different story altogether. You can equate selecting plumbing fixtures to picking out that perfect necklace or earrings to go with your outfit or better yet, a watch, which can be both functional and attractive. Plumbing fixtures can have the same effect on a room that jewelry and accessories can have on your wardrobe, they add the finishing touch that can tie everything together or bring just the right amount of sparkle.

Truth be told though, there is more to plumbing fixtures than their looks, they are hard working, permanent fixtures in a home that have lots of moving parts, plenty of code restrictions and a long list of other factors to consider when selecting them. With styles forever changing, technology forever evolving and codes always updating how can you make choices that meet your needs, follow the latest trend, and stay code compliant? We’ll help you find all of the answers you need to make all the right choices for your next project.
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Cherry Chocolate Ice Cream Pie

Since no one wants to turn their oven on in the summer Pies are usually on hold until fall, that is of course unless it's an ice cream pie! No baking required here,  just rich cherry & chocolate flavors brought to you by our very own Lead Carpenter Bob Morrissey & his wife Monica. Celebrate the final days of summer with this cool treat!
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