One of Andrea Phox's beautiful photographs that will serve as the background for our September Visual Tefillah service
Send Us Your Vacation Pictures!

Be a big part of the Visual Tefillah Service

Visual Tefillah is a unique and fun way to worship.  The service uses no prayer
.books but rather the page and prayers are displayed on a shared screen in the Social Hall.  This give us many opportunities for creative backgrounds.

For the next Visual Tefillah service on September 9, Andrea Phox's fabulous photographs will serve as the background for the service.  They are evocative of peaceful moments and you are most welcome to experience them. 

For the Visual Tefillah service several weeks later (date to be determined), the Religious Practices Committee invites you to send your favorite summer or autumn vacation pictures to serve as the background.  The pictures should not have people in it but rather only scenery.  And the scenery can be of anything!  Send your .jpg or .gif file to and Rabbi Stanway will choose the pictures that best fit into the service.  Send them by October 1 so he can begin working on the service and then the congregation will be notified when the next VT service is.

This is a new way to experience Shabbat worship and, with your pictures, an even more personal way.