October 6, 2018
Contact: Roger Wilkins, 603-864-8633

Steve Negron Issues Statement on Brett Kavanaugh's Confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States

Nashua, NH – Steve Negron, a U.S. Air Force veteran and small business owner, issued the following statement in response to Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States:


"While this was an extremely ugly process, I am pleased to see that our nation is poised to move beyond this divisive United States Supreme Court confirmation. It is time for our nation to come together and recognize that there is more that unites us than separates us. More that brings us together than divides us.


"I believe that Kavanaugh will be a strong advocate for the United States Constitution and will fight to ensure that our rights are not infringed upon. We also must continue to fight to ensure that we build on accomplishments such as this during the next Congress. However, in order to do so, it is crucial to ensure Nancy Pelosi is not our next Speaker of the House. I look forward to continuing to remind the voters of NH-02 that a vote for Congresswoman Kuster is one vote closer towards ensuring that everything we have accomplished so far since the 2016 election isn't lost. New Hampshire can not afford for Pelosi to control the gavel, and I'll fight every day to ensure that doesn't happen."

Steve Negron is a Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's 2nd Congressional District.