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2019 is a year of thank you and celebration.
You can look forward to anniversary events including BBQs, fly-tying demo days, a women’s float, and family day. Not to mention HFF throw-back gear and gifts, and much more!


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South Fork Initiative

The Paradox of Irrigation Efficiency

Another Year of Above Average Winter Flow

Tentative Design for Fun Farm Bridge

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Winter Starts Dry, but Flow at IP Dam is 143% of Average 


Water year 2019 started the same way 2018 ended, dry and with slightly below-average streamflow. However, good inflow (thanks to precipitation that was well above average between September 2016 and June 2018), along with very high reservoir carryover from the 2018 irrigation season, allowed managers to fill Island Park Reservoir to its normal April level by November. This means that no water needs to be stored between now and mid-April, and outflow from Island Park Reservoir will simply match inflow. 

Over the first 9 days of December, outflow has averaged 502 cfs, a hair below last year's 513 cfs, but 43% higher than average (351 cfs). Without the precision management that kept Island Park Reservoir as full as possible all summer, winter flow would have been about 180 cfs lower than it is now. Fremont-Madison Irrigation District, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and all of the other members of the Henry's Fork Drought Management Planning Committee deserve a lot of credit for managing the reservoir and the entire irrigation system so carefully during the 2018 irrigation season.

For details, click HERE to read Rob’s blog.

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What You Might Have Missed - Special Highlight

Photo credit prnewswire
Michael Whitfield Receives Kingsbury Browne Fellowship and Conservation Leadership Award

Michael Whitfield has dedicated his career to conservation in and around Henry's Fork country. He served 17 years as the Executive Director of the Teton Regional Land Trust and created the High Divide Collaborative, both of which are valued partners of HFF and work to protect what we value most about Henry's Fork country.

Excerpt from Teton Valley News

“At a time when many land trusts in the West were really asking the question, ‘Should we be working on community-based conservation or should we be focused on landscape-level conservation,’ Michael was one of the first people answering that question with, ‘Both. We should be doing both things...’”...

Read full artice HERE.  

Excerpt from PR Newswire

"Michael Whitfield's career is a testament to the power of building coalitions, finding common ground, and engaging the public, private, and civic sectors in large landscape conservation efforts..."

Read full artice HERE.  

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Introducing the South Fork Initiative

Many of us, on our adventures in Henry’s Fork country, have also traveled south to explore the South Fork of the Snake River. However, during your travels you might not have realized how interconnected flows and management of the Henry’s Fork are to the South Fork. Management of the South Fork system, especially in regards to water management, can directly affect streamflow in the Henry’s Fork.

That is why, when a group of South Fork outfitters and concerned citizens approached HFF and asked us to expand our brand of research and collaboration to the South Fork, we took note.

Learn more HERE.

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Moving Water features twenty of Dave Hall’s ethereal color landscape paintings of the U.S. Greater Yellowstone country with his moving story about an introduction to fly fishing as a boy, the influence of a family of artists, and the closest of friends he made along the way — with an ending that will both sadden and uplift.

Hall’s art donations have raised over $30,000 for river conservation. A portion of every book sale supports river conservation efforts and this month he is specifically donating to the Henry's Fork Foundation.

Dave will donate $10 of every book sale in the month of December to the Foundation.

You can purchase your copy of Dave Hall's book, Moving Water HERE and use the coupon code HFF at checkout.