January 17, 2019
We Launched our Visioning Process!
Last Saturday, our Vision & Mission Retreat in our sanctuary launched our visioning process at Advent! We worshiped, sang, ate, and prayed together. We engaged with Advent's history, our community, the Gospel, and each other. Each of us shared our biggest insights from these 4 activities on our "Vision Board" on the north wall of the sanctuary.

A big thank you to our whole Vision Team, who in just 6 weeks brought our visioning process from a working document to a complete framework, huge outreach effort, and a fully bilingual, engaging, and inspiring 4-hour launch attended by 80 Advent members!

Thank you to everyone who helped this wonderful day come together, and everyone who participated. It was an inspiring and energizing beginning to our visioning process!
Next Steps
Our immediate next steps are focused on growing from and responding to our Vision & Mission Retreat, and bringing in those who could not be at Advent on Saturday.

Retreat Reflection Survey | If you attended the retreat and haven't done so yet, please complete a Retreat Reflection Survey >

This is an opportunity for you to develop your thinking after further reflection, and gives the Vision Team additional insight as they are planning our next steps.

Retreat Packet Download | If you missed our retreat, download a Vision Retreat Participant Packet to see the topics and questions we explored. If you know an Advent member who couldn't be there, consider bringing them one and discussing it with them. Printed copies are also available at Advent.

Vision Board | Our Vision Board on the north wall brings together the responses of all the retreat participants to 4 big questions prompting 4 different perspectives of Advent's vision and mission.

If you were at our retreat on Saturday, take some time this month to explore the Vision Board on the north wall of our sanctuary to see how other participants responded. Does anything stand out to you? Do you see any themes and patterns?

If you missed our retreat, add your answer! The questions, materials, and post-its are all there with our Vision Board on the north wall of the sanctuary, so you can add your responses. We invite you to add your responses before or after worship one of the next two Sundays.

Small Groups | If you couldn't be at Advent on Saturday, we'd like to help facilitate some small group meetings in the next 2 weeks to catch you up. If you're interested, let us know some potential times that could work for you >

Annual Congregational Meeting at 12pm on Sunday, Jan 27 | Please save the date for our Annual Congregational Meeting, which will include the next congregational opportunity to engage and learn more about our visioning process.
Congregational Meetings continuing in January
Last Sunday we had our Annual Ministry Update, offered at both 10am & 12pm. Thank you to everyone who attended! Both meetings were conversations full of learning and insights for both Advent members and staff.

What did you learn from our Annual Ministry Update? Let us know >

If you missed Sunday's ministry update, you can still explore our Ministry Annual Reports to learn more about all the ministry happening at Advent.

Coming up next are our Financial Update this Sunday, and our official Annual Congregational Meeting on Sunday, January 27 at 12pm.

Ministry Update | Sunday, January 13 | 10am & 12pm
Financial Update | Sunday, January 20 | 10am & 12pm
Annual Congregational Meeting | Sunday, January 27 | 12pm*

*11am Worship on Sunday, January 27 will be bilingual to enable Latino participation in our Annual Congregational Meeting.

Advent/Trinity Community Dinner tonight
Volunteers shifts from 3:30 - 7pm |  Dinner at 5:15pm

Partnering with Trinity Schools, we are providing a free midweek meal to the community and could use your help!   We begin heating up food around 3:30pm.  Trinity volunteers show up at 4:15pm.  Service is 5:15pm.  And clean up ends around 7:00pm.  Come and volunteer and/or come and enjoy a hot meal and good company.  

A Memory, A Monologue, a Rant & a Prayer
Friday February 8, 7:30pm
Calling all budding actors (ages 18+) of all genders, Advent is performing A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant and A Prayer in an effort to raise awareness about relational/gender violence and funds for survivors of domestic abuse.  If you are interested in acting or volunteering in another capacity, please contact us here.

And everyone mark your calendars for this event.  
Faith Formation at Advent
Sunday School
10:05-10:55am | Every Sunday
Sunday School rooms (downstairs)

Join us January 20 as we learn more about the Faithful Folks in the Bible!   Learn more about Sunday School >
Sunday Faith Formation
Sundays | 10:10-10:55am | Community Hall (back half)

We'll be off in January due to our annual congregational meetings, and return with a series on The Confessing Church in February!
Sermons & conversations, anytime on your phone

Catch up on Sermons and Conversations from Christ the King and the Advent Season, in addition to 50+ sermons and conversations from this year. Learn how to listen >
Coffee Hour
Our Coffee Hour at 10am and 12pm seeks to be the ideal place to get to know new people at Advent. Come join us for coffee, baked goods, and conversation before or after worship every Sunday, and get to know more people at Advent.
Ministry Calendar & Directory
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!

This Sunday, January 20
Gospel | John 2:1-11
Preaching | Pastor Danielle at 9am & 11am worship in English, and 12:30pm worship in Spanish
Presiding | Pastor Gary at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Pastor Gary at 12:30pm worship in Spanish
Music Minister | Michelle Alvarado
Coffee Hour | At 10am and 12pm in the Community Hall downstairs (front half)
Annual Finance Update | Offered at 10am and 12pm in the Community Hall downstairs (back half)
Sunday School | Meets at 10:05am-10:55am downstairs in the Sunday Schools rooms
Communications Internship | Meets from 3pm-6pm in the Intern Office
Make a general donation to our church quickly and simply online. As we begin this new year, consider how you can help fund the growth and expansion of Advent's Ministries.  Thank you for you for your faithful generosity.  
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