December 2017
Wrapping up 2017… 

As everything winds down at the close of another year, MPV has been slamming the gas pedal. Our team has been hard at work building on its work over the past few months; it’s all paid off and I have some exciting announcements!

First, the Alliance for Inclusive Muslims, or AIM, the umbrella organization that MPV helped bring about this past September has officially been registered as a human rights civil society organization in Geneva. This means AIM is a legitimate human rights organization.

I am also pleased to announce that MPV is, as of this month, offering ecclesiastical endorsement to hospital and hospice chaplains and would-be chaplains seeking ecclesiastical endorsement. There is an application process, which you can read about in detail on our website.

Our website also has a new feature! Namely, an option to donate your Zakat to Charity. Zakat, of course, is one of the 5 pillars of Islam, and traditionally consists in donating 2% of one’s net worth (don’t worry, we added a calculator to help you do that, too!).

There is no better antidote to the violence and selfishness that we’ve suffered this past year than giving. The fight to secure and defend human rights is, fundamentally, a fight to give people their lives back. For this reason our annual Celebration of Life takes on a special meaning every year--there is always something to lament, but that means there is always life to celebrate. Please support  the lives of human rights defenders by celebrating with us February 4, 2018. Become a sponsor and receive a beautiful gift item from Morocco!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Seasons Greetings!

Onward and upward,

Ani Zonneveld

P.S. Before you check out for the year,  please donate to MPV.
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Featured Book 

Q&A With an Islamophobe: Concise Responses to Counter Irrational Islamophobia
By Siddiq Bazarwala

"Instead of the usual evasive and convoluted responses from Muslim "leaders", an ordinary Muslim has taken it upon himself to address much of the misinformation about Islam in a no-nonsense manner and tone." - Ani Zonneveld
November Update 

MPV slams Trump

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Trump’s travel ban, MPV’s President Ani Zonneveld released the following statement:

"I am deeply disappointed in the US Supreme Court's decision to allow Donald Trump's travel ban to take effect.  I am an American, and like all Americans, I care about the security and safety of this country - but the enforced policy is blatantly anti-Islam and anti-Muslim. If the concern is truly about national security, President Trump would do well to revisit our waiver policy, encompassing 50 countries, allowing many to come into the United States without a visa or a process vetting them. The court should see this as an extrajudicial act meant to blatantly target a minority group - one that has nothing to do with public security but instead panders to a prejudiced and ill-informed base. I thank Judges Sotomayor and Ginsburg for their dissent and conscience in this matter and hope that they will encourage their colleagues to revisit this decision in the near future.”

Rabat Conference

On December 6-7, 2017, Ani Zonneveld represented AIM, of which MPV is a member, at a conference on religious freedom held in Rabat, Morocco. The conference was entitled “Symposium on the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred: Follow-up of Rabat Plan of Action.”


MPV successfully participated in our first #GivingTuesday campaign this November, with many thanks to Facebook and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill and Melinda graciously committed to matching donations of up to $1,000 per fundraiser and $50,000 per nonprofit made through Facebook on November 28th. Special thank you to all those that contributed. These funds are dedicated to honoring the lives of human rights defenders at our Celebration of Life event in Los Angeles on February 4, 2018.

Missed the opportunity to contribute on #GivingTuesday? No worries- this fundraiser will remain open until December 31st, 2017. Click here for a chance to do some end-of-year donating.


MPV Nederland held their monthly Inclusive Jum'a, which they co-hosted with Shelter City, a Dutch initiative to Human Right Defenders. Their next Inclusive Jum'a will be held January 5. Sign up  at info@mpvnederland for more information on location and time.

The Dutch government officially followed up on their UPR Session with a meeting on November 6. MPV closely followed the session and has been working with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to lobby for recognition of Muslim discrimination in Dutch policy and their new National Action Plan Human Rights. CSOs still have a lot to do: despite the fact that the Netherlands received the most recommendations to fight discrimination and racism -- some directly taken from MPV NL's statement at the UPR pre-session in Geneva — the government has implemented no concrete policy or projects.

MPV-Netherland’s Fenna ten Berge spoke at a congregation of the Netherlands Unitarian Universalist (NUUF) on progressive Islam, its history, and how human rights and dignity and social justice are inherent to Islam. Her talk was well-received, and was followed by a lively Q&A session.
Fenna was invited to speak on migrant and immigrant perspectives in Europe at a conference hosted by WCSF in Europe. She gave a workshop on Intersectionality of discrimination of migrants and Muslims in the Netherlands. Her blog in Mosaic was printed in the WCSF magazine.
MPV Los Angeles

On November 20th, MPV-LA hosted its first annual End of Year Luncheon to showcase the on-going projects and previous accomplishments of MPV, nationally and abroad.

On November 15th, MPV-LA participated in a Roundtable hosted by the Mayor’s office of Los Angeles regarding preventing/countering violent extremism. MPV called for identity organizations to be more inclusive and to take an intersectional approach in defending the identities of their communities, in order to be more effective in P/CVE.

MPV-LA participated in New Ground’s, a Muslim-Jewish partnership, Spotlight Storytelling event by hosting a table and introducing MPV to members of both the Muslim and Jewish community.

In December, MPV will be co-hosting a workshop “How do I talk with a loved one who is terminally ill?” with Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak at Temple Beth Hillel in North Hollywood. This will be on December 10, 2017 from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm. To RSVP please contact Jim Ghaznavi at kyocobran2000@yahoo.com or Marsha Novak at marlynov@gmail.com.

MPV-DC held bi-weekly prayer services in November at the Emergence Community Arts Collective.

On November 7, MPV-DC held an event about Muslim American Faces with its creator, Heidi Naguib. Muslim Americans Faces introduces you to the countless Muslim Americans who have become an integral part of our society, the young and the old; those who contribute greatly to our society and those who are still finding their way. Ms. Naguib is a photographer who is traveling across the U.S. to capture the stories of Muslim Americans and share them with the world.

In December, MPV-DC will continue holding bi-weekly prayer service and hold an interfaith holiday party.