February 16, 2018
Intro Week, Day 3 | "How"
Looking forward to beginning our Carbon Fast on Monday! How do we start? How will we proceed? How can we stick with it, and how will our efforts make a difference?

Today's video speaks to those questions. Heads up: There is a carbon fast "homework assignment" over the weekend, so be sure to watch this video through to the end, so you can prepare to begin your carbon fast on Monday!

Even if you begin imperfectly on Monday, know we are probably all in the same boat. We will continue this journey imperfectly together, with abundant forgiveness for ourselves and others, with commitment to the change and impact we hope to create -- and faith that, with God, we can make it happen.


I explain the practical "how" of our carbon fast, and Pastor Becca responds to larger questions -- how will we persevere, how will our efforts matter? -- by holding Transfiguration Sunday and Ash Wednesday in tension together. (5 min)
Today's Daily Action
Time: 10 minutes

Spend 10 more minutes outside than you normally would on a typical Friday. You can spend that time doing whatever you want. Take a walking break from work, visit a neighbor or friend, take pictures, compare blades of grass, draw . . . Just get out the door, or find a reason to stay out a bit longer.
Daily Question
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