Hurricane Season - Protect and Preserve your Art Collection  
In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and have experienced no or minimal damage to your personal property. It is important to check collections of fine art, decorative art, jewelry and collectibles for damage the storm may have caused. In addition to damage from physical movement, changes in humidity levels can have harmful effects on fine art, as well as on many types of furniture and on collectibles such as wine. To help you check and protect your collection post-hurricane, Winston Art Group has prepared the following Post-Hurricane Collection Checklist...

  Inspect for damage: Conduct a thorough physical inspection of all works of fine art, decorative art, jewelry and collectibles to detect possible damage. Be sure to closely examine the surface of any pieces of fine art and to check hanging devices to ensure they remain stable. If you notice changes to any pieces in your collection, notify Winston Art Group to assist in facilitation of restoration and in updating appraised values. If you need assistance conducting a thorough condition inspection, Winston Art Group would be pleased to conduct a collection condition inspection on your behalf. Contact Claire Brown at or 212.542.5755 for more information. 

   Restoration: In the unfortunate event of damage to any type of fine art, decorative art, jewelry or collectibles, address it promptly before the condition worsens. Do not handle damaged works as this may exacerbate the condition. Winston Art Group will oversee restoration of your damaged works, engaging best-in-class art restorers. 

   Replacement: If you need to replace any works in your collection, Winston Art Group's Advisory Department will leverage our market relationships and search primary market, secondary market, and private sources to find a comparable replacement. We will conduct all necessary due diligence relating to price, condition, quality, title, and provenance on your behalf to replace your collection as quickly and completely as possible. 

  Up-to-date appraisal: Whether you have restored or replaced works in your collection, or just to stay in line with the current market, obtain an updated appraisal for insurance purposes (Retail Replacement Value) to be sure your collection is appropriately valued according to current market conditions. Winston Art Group is pleased to offer appraisals and appraisal updates for insurance coverage. If we have appraised the works before, we can do so from the old appraisal document, without going back on-site to see the works in person. The cost of an appraisal update is significantly less than the original appraisal fee. If you have purchased more items since our last appraisal, we can provide you with a quote to add new items. 

  Update insurance coverage: Winston Art Group works with best-in-class insurance brokers and insurance carriers who provide fine art insurance coverage. We will work with you and your current insurance broker and carrier. If you do not have a broker, we can put you in touch with a qualified insurance broker to make sure your collection is adequately insured. 

 Art evacuation plan: Winston Art Group works with best-in-class art handlers and art storage companies. We will work with you and with art handlers and shippers to prepare an art evacuation plan so your collection is braced for the next storm. 
Jean Cocteau
Ceramic Plate
Fell from shelf and endured damage to lower right edge.
Poor attempt at repair before client came to Winston Art Group for assistance. 
Winston Art Group engaged best-in-class ceramics restorer to return plate to like-new condition.
To schedule a collection inspection, appraisal, oversight of restoration or replacement, or a hurricane readiness consultation, please contact Claire Brown at or 212.542.5755

Winston Art Group is the largest independent art appraisal and advisory firm in the U.S. Independent of any auction house or dealer, Winston Art Group specializes in confidential and objective appraisal services for all purposes, including...
  • Art as collateral for loan purposes
  • Insurance coverage
  • Damage or loss in value
  • Estate tax and estate planning
  • Donation
  • Family division  ​

Additionally, Winston Art Group offers comprehensive art advisory services. For clients wishing to acquire works of art, Winston Art Group conducts targeted worldwide searches for all works of art, provides advice on condition, price, authenticity and quality, negotiates with dealers, represents clients at auction, and conducts title and lien searches. 

For clients looking to sell works of art, Winston Art Group solicits proposals from primary market, secondary market and private sources, negotiates the most advantageous financial and marketing packages, analyzes sales options, grants access to preferential terms at auction, and provides a single point of contact for all transactions. 

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