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Volume 4 Issue 2
February 2011

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Developing Decision Makers
Managing Coaches
Invisible Opponent
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Greetings from CoachDeck!

Is your spring season about to kick-off? It's not too late to make sure every coach is "playing with a full deck"! Coaches love having drills they can use on the fly. Some will shuffle the deck and let kids pick which one to do next. And when each drill comes with a unique "Make it a Game" feature, practice is sure to be super-fun and more competitive!

In this month's issue:
Fran Kulas' outstanding article explains why, when it comes to coaching young soccer players, sometimes, (if not always) less is more. Brian Gotta provides tips on effectively managing those parent-volunteer coaches who make our leagues go. And Jodi Sheakley's second article on proper nutrition will help you ensure your young athletes are performing at their peaks.

Developing Decision Makers Fran Kulas
By Fran Kulas

Would you, as a parent, go in your backyard and cheer for your kids while they are playing tag with their neighborhood friends? Would you tell them where to hide in a game of "hide-and-go-seek"? Would you tell them who to pass to in a two-on-two basketball game in your driveway? Read Article

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Brian GottaManaging Your Volunteer Coaches
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

We take them for granted. Once we've gotten parents to "step up to the plate," and volunteer to coach a team, we often breathe a sigh of relief and figure now that that's taken care of we can get on to more important issues. However, the way you manage your volunteer coaches throughout the season might determine whether or not they come back to do it again next year. And maybe more importantly, it could also be what determines if some players return as well. Read Article
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The Invisible Opponent (Part 2)

by Jodi Sheakley, MS, CFT

As we know, nutritional deficiency can make it easier for organisms to invade the body. Therefore, a well-balanced, consistent diet may be your best ammunition. Here are some additional strategies for your nutritional arsenal: Read Article

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