Wow, Bedford!
Our team of Community Composters has already removed 4 TONS of organic waste from our waste stream!

If you aren't already composting, please join us!  If you ARE already composting, great job! Forward to a Friend

Recycling Discount. If you are recycling and composting you will have little trash. If you have under 35 gallons of trash, your hauler should offer you a discount on your curbside pick up. Click here for info.
Composting organic waste reduces the production of methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

Compost is then used to enrich soil and grow food. 

In three months, participants in the Town of Bedford Community Compost program dropped off 4 tons of organic waste. Imagine if everyone did it!
  • Drop off: Town Recycling Center
  • Where: 343 Railroad Ave., Bedford Hills
  • When: Tues., Thurs., Sat.
  • Time: 8am-3pm
Compost Kits Available
Bedford 2020 has all you need to get started

Come get your bins at the Bedford 2020 office. For $25 we will sell you a compost kit and for an additional $5, compostable bags. Visit our website for more info (including directions to our office) and to sign up.
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