TTRA is thrilled to announce that the much-acclaimed environmentalist and Australian zoologist, Tim Flannery, will be speaking at the 2019 International Conference on his recent experiences in the Solomon Islands, the Southwest Pacific’s Galapagos. He will also be participating in an “In Conversation” session with leading practitioners and researchers in the field on Tourism and Climate Change.

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Tim Flannery is a best-selling author who has written more than 20 books including We Are the Weather Makers [2006], The Future Eaters [2002], Here on Earth [2010], and Atmosphere of Hope [2016].
He has also published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers.
With his New York Times Best Seller The Weather Makers: The History & Future Impact of Climate Change [2005], Tim became the most prominent of Australia’s scientists arguing for measures to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions.
In 2007, Tim was named Australian of the Year for his role as an effective communicator in explaining environmental issues and bringing them to the attention of the public. 
In 2005, he was honored as Australian Humanist of the Year.  He has also received the Centenary of Federation Medal [2001] and the Colin Roderick Award [1996].
Tim was awarded the Edgeworth David Medal for Outstanding Research in 1990 when he was 34 years old.
In 1985, Tim took part in the first discovery of Australian mammal fossils from the Cretaceous Period.  They were more than 80 million years older than previously known specimens.
He has discovered
more than 30
mammal species!
The Beritella flanneryi tapeworm is named after Tim.  (It's true! He told us so!)
Tim often speaks about the threat of global warming on radio and television.
He has also hosted numerous documentaries such as Two Men in a Tinnie, Two Men in China, and more (with comedian John Doyle).
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