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How Grateful are You?
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You are welcome to this post on ' How Grateful are You?', a phrase we often hear for personal development  and fulfillment  in life.
This phrase. ' How Grateful are you ' is often used to encourage us to explore ways to find contentment and inner peace for what what has been bestowed on us.
What would you learn?
You will find out and discover steps for promoting even more gratitude in your life by taking a quiz, which is based on a scale developed by psychologists Mitchel Adler and Nancy Fagley.
Determine the Extent of your gratitude

Are you truly grateful for the good things in your life—or do you take them for granted?
In order to determine the extent of your gratitude, please take the  Gratitude Quiz by clicking on the gratitude scale below
When you're done, you'll get your gratitude score, learn more about the benefits of gratitude, and find resources for cultivating more gratitude in your life

Source: Adler, M. G., & Fagley, N. S. (2005). “Appreciation: Individual Differences in Finding Value and Meaning as a Unique Predictor of Subjective Well‐Being.” Journal of Personality, 73 (1), 79-114.
Gratitude Scale
                        Resources for cultivating Gratitude
The Seven gratitude exercises
Please pick one exercise which you are able make work for you and make it a habit to do it everyday
1. Gratitude Journal
At the end of each day, write down a few items for which you are grateful. 
Time Commitment: Two to five minutes.
The items you list must change and you must keep the activity interesting. Reduce your frequency or the number of items you list each time if you have to – a boring gratitude journal is a completely ineffective one.
The list does not have to be written. You can also say it out loud (that’s what I do).
2. Positive Grace
You do not have to be religious to say grace? Say grace for everything. It doesn’t have to just be food. Say grace to God, or say grace to Lady Luck. Grace is grace.
3. Negative Grace
On a regular basis, imagine some part of your life being worse than it actually is.
Before shower I say grace for not having to bathe in an ice-cold tundra. Before  sleep 
some times say grace for not having to sleep on the floor.
4.Remember The Bad Times
Instead of visualizing something bad that could happen to your life, as with negative grace, visualize something bad that actually has happened, but that you overcame. Remembering the pain and difficulty with which we arrived at the present helps us to feel grateful.
Our life didn’t just happen – we fought, sweat, and maybe bled for it.
5.. Prayer
Prayer is an especially powerful technique for cultivating gratitude because, as a ritualized system, it offers the exact words to say, specific items to be grateful for, and a person or entity to be grateful towards.
6. Gratitude Visualization
Picture in your mind someone for whom you are grateful. Now verbalize out loud or in your mind a few specific reasons for why you are grateful for them. The more specific the better. After a few minutes, switch to someone else.
7. Sensory Application
Picture in your mind someone for whom you are grateful. Now verbalize out loud or in your mind a few specific reasons for why you are grateful for them. The more specific the better. After a few minutes, switch to someone else.

How Grateful Are You? Interactive Quiz + Seven Strategies for Cultivating Gratitude
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