OCTOBER 13, 2017 ♦ 23 TISHRI 5778
Sophia Smith, daughter of Fred and Tatiana Smith, sister to Kyle was called to the Torah on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah on September 7, 2017 at Temple Sholom, Pompano Beach.  Sophia studied with Cantor Hesh and was prepared to daven with us the Shabbat of Hurricane Irma. Therefore, we are excited to welcome family and friends this Shabbat to celebrate Sophia’s Bat Mitzvah— The entire congregation wishes the Smith family a hearty Mazel Tov on Sophia’s special day.
Shabbat Shalom!
    Todah Rabbah to Morty and Yvonne Rumac for their hard work polishing the silver and brass in preparation of the High Holiday. Yasher Koach to Donna Friedman for assisting in making our food drive donation and huge thank you to everyone that dropped off food during the High Holidays.  
   Pirkei Avot —Join Cantor Hesh Wednesday mornings after morning minyan (approx. 9:30 am).  Take an insightful journey through the timeless wisdom of Pirkei Avot, Ethics Of The Fathers.  Stories and open discussion on this fascination topic. Ethics of the Fathers is the most widely known of all sixty three tractates of the Mishna; a code of Jewish laws governing life. 
         Refuah Shlemah to Ed Shukin, Joan Marcus, Herb Smith, Bob and Carol Dickman.
   We’re glad you’re here—Jewish life gives us a shared sense of purpose, and it nourishes our spiritual lives. 
    At the closing of the 7th day of Sukkot we begin another Holiday known as Shmini Atzeret. Shmini Atzeret is Wednesday evening October 11 through Thursday, October 12 in which we recite Yizkor  during our morning services. 
    Thursday evening October 12th will also usher in another holiday, Simchat Torah.
     Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah are commonly thought of as part of Sukkot. But, these are holidays in their own right and do not involve the special observances of Sukkot. (The four species and Sukkah)
    Shmini Atzeret literally means "the assembly of the eighth (day). Rabbinic literature tells us, that at the closing of nearly a month long marathon of holidays, God has asks us to stay another day because He has enjoyed himself immensely. This is why there is an “eighth” day added to this season’s list of holidays.
    Simchat Torah – Rejoicing in the Torah. This holiday marks the annual completion of the reading of the weekly Torah Parshiot. We read the last Torah portion, Devarim, Parshat V'zot Habracha, and then proceed immediately to the first Parsha of Bereshit, reminding us that the Torah is a cycle, which never ends. This completion of the readings is a time of great celebration for all ages. There are processions called Hakafot around the synagogue while carrying Torahs along with high-spirited singing and dancing. As many people as possible are given the honor of carrying a Torah scroll in these Hakafot. For the reading of Parshat Vzot Habracha, everyone is called to the Torah for an Aliyah.
Chag Sameach!
Cantor Hesh
"The great use of life is to spend it for something that will outlast it.”
    —William James
    Include Temple Sholom in your will or estate planning by adding a Tzedakah clause also known as a Legacy Gift, the simplest and easiest way to significantly support your temple community.  It can reduce the tax impact on your heirs and it ensures the continuity of vital programs within our Jewish community.  
    Also consider designating Temple Sholom as beneficiary to a life insurance policy, retirement fund, or IRA. Your thoughtful and generous decision will help to ensure and sustain the growth and viability for the future of Temple Sholom.          Contact Harvey Saff through the Temple office, (954) 942-6410 with your planning details.  Thank you.

As we end the High Holiday season, we pause to say thank you for your generous support of Temple Sholom.  Todah Rabah for the generous response to our Kol Nidre and Yizkor appeals.  Please remember to honor the pledge that you made.  It’s been our experience that our members are committed to the cultural and spiritual advancement of all Jewish people and your financial donation is key to our survival. The efforts that we make together will contribute to the future of Temple Sholom.  Thank you!

by Rabbi David Hartley Mark
    Scene: The Post-Edenic World. We see a humble Cabin built of clay and wattles, the dwelling-place of our First Parents, Adam and Eve. The door opens, and Eve enters, carrying the toddler Abel. She looks up at the Heavens, and addresses the silent Deity. 
    Eve: Thank you, Lord God, for creating me second, on the Sixth and Final Day of Your Creation. The Man whom You have given me is headstrong, often to the point of muddle-headedness—he would lead us, but to what end?  Still, I do love him, for trying. He insists on being in charge, whether we are naming animals or struggling to raise the two men-children with whom You have blessed us. 
    I will tell you freely, Lord: since our eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, our lives have grown more difficult. I do miss those halcyon days when we lived like children in Your Garden, eating of fruits we did not grow, splashing in Your river, and basking in Your sun. Still, I do value our free will.  And our World beyond the fences of Eden is great, and green, and open. I pray that we will be worthy to tenant it for You. 
    Adam: Before You brought me the Woman, Lord, I was lonely; there now, I admit it. True, my life was lazy and fun, and there was little to do; I lay around all day, nibbling fruit and trying to gnaw at the various grains You provided, but fruit by itself is a cloying diet, indeed. Did the Woman tempt me, as the Serpent tempted her? Perhaps, but this results from being human, I realize now. We used to chat often, You, Lord, and I, but You have faded from my view. I must understand this new arrangement: 
    You are God, we are mortal, and I will have to get used to it. Never mind; it’s time to go and tend the crops….
    Eve: Husband! Before you go out to our fields, can you not help me with the boys? Cain wants to come along with you. He admires you; you are his model. Baby Abel will stay behind; he is my pet, my mama’s boy, and I do love him. Abel keeps chasing after the goats and sheep—do you like what I named them? I just chose the names ‘goats’ and ‘sheep’ out of my mind. Abel keeps pretending that he can shepherd them about, using a long stick. The silly beasts don’t mind him; they seem to take after him. But Cain is his father’s boy, and will plow and dig and till the soil, as you do.  
    Adam: Well, let Cain come along. Just be sure to give him a hat and shirt, against the springtime heat. With the serpent’s curse, came a change in weather. We must adapt, my sweetest Eve.  
    Eve: It does give me a—warm feeling, when you call me that. Have we discovered love? 
    Adam: Companionship more, I would call it—a sort of shared—obligation, to one another. Yes. That’s it (Looking around).  Have you seen my shovel?  
    Eve (upset): How do you manage to always say the wrong thing, when I do so much to try and bring us closer? Oh, you make me so angry, so sad—
    Adam (ever the Rationalist): Woman! The lot of man is endless labor. To plow the earth will be my burden.  To raise our children is your function. Everyone to their work; it is our God’s will, And, since you brought on us Creator’s Curse, I would hesitate to call emotions into our couple hood.  I for God, and you for God in me, and all will go according to God’s plan.  (He shoulders his shovel, and goes out whistling, leaving her seething.)  
    Eve: I cannot, will not, must not, subdue my selfhood, To any petty lordling’s willful arbitration; Did I disobey God? Perhaps; but we’re not robots, And free will planted in our minds by our Creator Is something real, and a feeling true and earnest,  Which I manifested—not you, foolish creature!  As I create new life, so I created  New lives for us, which, though more difficult, Will, in the end, prove richer and more fruitful Than ever your Lord God’s original Eden.  (She exits; enter the Serpent, crawling on his belly, but looking self-satisfied at having accomplished his purpose. In the Jewish interpretation, of course, it is merely a serpent.)  
    The Serpent:  Now all awaits. Now here begins the Struggle Between our Original Parents and their descendants’ obligations Subduing Earth, and Sea, and Sky—but, more!  Subduing both their passions To serve one another, Love one another, And the image Of God in him, Of God in her, And, eventually—God in all Humanity.  Did I do well, Lord God? Did I carry out Your will?  O tell me!  The Lord:  I cannot tell: indeed, I must be silent ‘Til Time will riddle out My intertwining:  God’s will, free male- and female-will, and Fate.

Thursday, October 12
                             Shemini Atzeret
         8:45 am     Morning Minyan (Yizkor)
Friday, October 13
                             Simchat Torah
         8:45 am     Morning Minyan
         7:30 pm     Shabbat Services
Saturday, October 14
                             Bat Mitzvah: Sophia Smith
         9:30 am     Morning Services
Monday, October 16
         8:45 am     Morning Minyan
      10:00 am     “Tell Us A Story” (suspended)
Wednesday, October 18
        8:45 am     Morning Minyan
         7:00 pm    Rabbi Mark's Discussion Group
Thursday, October 19
         8:45 am     Morning Minyan​​​​​​​