Our Beginning to Holy Week

Our Holy Week began with a very special "Cloak Sunday."

Certain days and times in our church calendar have names with their origins rooted in our Biblical text. In his sermon last Sunday, Pastor Sudbrock pointed out that while in Matthew, Mark and John the people lay palms in the road as Jesus rides into Jerusalem, in Luke 19:28-40 there are no palms--only cloaks. Which makes Cloak Sunday an equally accurate name for this first Sunday in Holy Week. In worship Sunday our families and children laid cloaks all down the aisle as a visual reminder of how people showed joy, reverence, and love for Jesus as he entered Jerusalem. Now that Jesus has entered Jerusalem, our Holy Week remembrance continues . . .
Our Maundy Thursday worship service is at 7:30pm.

​Our service will include Holy Communion, foot washing (optional), and the stripping of the altar.
We have three unique Good Friday services.

12pm | An all-ages-friendly Stations of the Cross
3pm | Stations of the Cross in Spanish
7:30pm | Evening worship with Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem played by a live ensemble
Our Easter Vigil service is at 8pm this Saturday.

A meditative, expectant worship that bridges Good Friday's remembrance of Jesus' death and the Easter celebration of Christ's new life.
Easter is this Sunday! We'll worship at our regular times: 9am & 11am in English and 12:45pm in Spanish

We also invite you to join us at one of our Easter Breakfasts at either 10am - a fundraiser for our Youth Ministries - or 11:30am, hosted by our Latino Ministry.

You can find our Holy Week schedule anytime at www.adventnyc.org/holyweek
Children and Families' Good Gifts Campaign

We got a great many goats and pigs for hungry kids.

"Goats and pigs for hungry kids!" has been the chant of our children, youth and families lately. And we're happy to say that the congregation stepped up wonderfully in supporting our kids and families in raising money for the ELCA's Good Gifts program. Together we raised $1607. That's 32 goats, or 53 pigs!

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Worship this Sunday

Gospel Text | Luke 24:1-12
Preaching | Pastor Ann at 9am & 11am English worship, and Pastor Mills at 12:45pm Spanish worship
Presiding | Pastor Mills at 9am & 11am English worship and 12:45pm Spanish worship
Youth Group Easter Breakfast | 10-11am in the basement fellowship hall
Latino Ministry Easter Breakfast | 11:30am-12:30pm
Programs this Week

Stay in the loop on all our regular, ongoing programs for families, youth, college students, young adults, adults, and the community this week.
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