August 2016
What's New

*New Class Format*
10:15 am
"Yoga Booty Ballet"
with Luisa Frias
replaces Ballet Burn

*New Class & Teacher*
12:30 pm
"Plyojam Dance"
Manu Fernandez Barrio
"Yoga & Meditation"

Alternate Fridays
7:30 pm
"Friday Yin"
Anna Maria Giambanco

*August Only*
11:30 am
with Michelle Akda replaces Raq Shimmy this month only

*New Class*
12:30 pm
"Yin Yoga"
Anna Maria Giambanco

"Lokananda Yoga"
with Andy Clark
is no longer offered

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Greetings Beloved SWERVER,

Metta is the act of benevolence or wishing others well. Although the specific practice of metta originates from the Buddhist Tradition, positive interest in others (also considered loving kindness) is a central practice inside of the Judeo-Christian religions, as well as Jainism, Hinduism and also the mystical practices of spirituality.

Practicing metta has an active element to it, so it's not just the resulting smile of amusement we catch ourselves sporting when people-watching at the beach. Nor is metta our standard cultural politeness--the way you say hello to the SWERVE desk staff as you arrive.

Metta is a full blown intending to bring forth wellness and heartfelt kindness to our fellow denizens of this precious planet!

I recall how many times I have wished another person ill. In my upset, or having been scorned (hell hath no fury...) or being sucked-in by my demons of sorrow and suffering, have I thought, "I hope so and so  is unhappy!" This makes me cringe to look back at. And yet these immature reactions are human. So emotional, we human beings!

I entertain my doubts and defects and invite them in to dine. They tear up my house, eat all my potato chips and leave me half-dressed with a hangover.

And I awaken to my faith again, somehow. I sense in me the familiar hunch that all of this disagreement, pollution and politicking, these honking traffic horns and imaginary walls being constructed at the border are just a veil draped over the Truth, that harmony is Law--that love trumps fear.

And once again, I take on my practices--the rituals and habits I've built over the last 15 years since SWERVE has been in existence, (and long before that too.) That of metta and bringing others to mind, holding them in my heart and calling forward their happiness, their health, success, wellness and well-being.

And it works. And it's worth it. Taking time to wish others well every day, many times a day, shifts the fabric of reality. First, the miracle of loving kindness occurs within. The lens with which we view the world is polished and made clear and inner peace begins to take hold and spread through one's being. Next, the exterior world--the world of matter, is transformed due to the Law of interconnectedness, due to the Truth that everything is One. The view is affected by the viewer. Metta becomes reflected in every mirror and every time we forward this practice of benevolence, the essential goodness of it is transmitted outward and inward. 

The practice of metta is one of the many doorways to the invisible. Metta takes effort to establish as a habit, but once cast, it's easy to gain skill in the practice of well-wishing. Begin now. Others are already wishing well on your behalf.


Gillian Alexandria Clark

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