Cantabile and Ragazzi Outreach Tour Details for
Wednesday, April 27
Outreach tours are here! Did you know MYC will sing for more than 8,000 people next week? Thank you for supporting your singer's participation--our alumni consistently mention outreach tours among their favorite MYC memories.   
Cantabile & Ragazzi are touring on Wednesday, April 27.

Please click on the link below for the full itinerary. (This information has also been in the weekly notes the last few weeks.)

The buses will leave Westgate Mall main parking lot promptly at the time noted on the itinerary.  Please be on time as the entire schedule depends upon our timely departure! Traffic in the morning is always unpredictable--thank you for planning ahead. When arriving at Westgate, please go directly to the bus, check-in, and climb aboard.
All performance times have been confirmed with host venues but may be altered slightly due to actual travel times on the day of the tour.  We will notify you if there are any changes in performance locations.
Important Reminders:
  • Singers should wear pants or jeans (not shorts) and their red MYC polo shirt.
  • Our lunch stop will be West Towne Mall Food Court in Madison. Singers can bring money to purchase their lunch or bring a packed lunch along with a water bottle for the day.
  • Please bring your music.
  • Please be in touch with your school regarding your singer's absence.  The letter of support linked below provides context for the absence but is not a permission letter.  Please follow the absence policies in place at your singer's school and use the letter only to support the reason for your singer's absence.

Everyone's voice is important! Thank you for making this tour day a priority. We expect your singer to be attending unless you have already notified us of your immovable, unavoidable conflict via the on-line absence form.
Pick up at the end of the day is at Westgate Mall at the time noted on the itinerary.

Thank you for being on time to pick up your singer!
Cantabile & Ragazzi Tour Itinerary
School Absence Support Letter   

Please consider volunteering to chaperone this tour! It's a rewarding day filled with many memorable moments. Please contact Lisa Kjentvet. Thank you!

Questions? Please ask. We're looking forward to a wonderful day of singing together.  
Thank you!