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Assert Confidence!
To assert confidence, one has to learn how to built confidence to start the process of building confidence.
In this post we will discuss the very genesis of assertiveness and from that knowledge, learn how tp practice building confidence  
Three ways to respond to life situations:
Someone goes into a 7 Eleven store to buy a few personal items and coffee.
When they return to their car, they released that they have been short changed
There are three ways they can respond
Passively by thinking that its only a dollar, no big deal
Aggressively by going in and loudly proclaiming that the clerk shortchanged them
Assertively by quietly telling the manager that  they have have been shortchanged
Either way they get their money, because no business wants unhappy customers
What is assertiveness?
Assertiveness is a communication skill
It is the capacity to respond to life situations
Saying what needs to be said with confidence
Without being afraid to do so
 Not hurting anybody
Including yourself
 How do you develop Assertive confidence?
These three steps can be learned by putting your self in another persons mental and emotional state,
paraphrasing in your own words what you think they are telling you and then responding appropriately with confidence
with your own thoughts
The Power of Assertive Response
The assertive response acknowledges
the other persons point of view and
leaves the door open for finding common grounds

 When you respond aggressively, you are likely to tell the bastards what you think, and close all the doors to compromise in finding common grounds   
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