Lisa McCormick has a plan to save millions of tax dollars, expand free public education from pre-K to college and make all our schools successful.

Lisa's plan to improve public schools will shake up the establishment but it makes sense and saves money while improving the quality of education for every child. 
Lisa McCormick's plan to cut property taxes in half while expanding free public education from pre-K to college would fulfill the constitutional requirement to provide a system of free public schools that assures a thorough and efficient education for every child. It is simple, smart and sensible. It is a common sense idea that defies political insiders. She's not stuck in the thinking that caused our problems because Lisa McCormick is one of us.

With just 16,000 donations averaging $27, we will qualify for public matching funds that will enable us to wage a people-powered campaign that will enable Lisa McCormick to win the election and change our future! ​​​​​​​