It's Tax Season Again! 

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It is tax season once again!! E-File Florida is open for business and already hard at work preparing returns. We understand that tax law can be extremely confusing, especially with all the new changes recently enacted. We are happy to address any questions or concerns that you might have. Our goal is to make the tax filing process as smooth as possible for you, while preparing the highest quality returns in the industry and maximizing every refund in your favor allowed by law.

The Internal Revenue Service began accepting tax returns yesterday, on January 29th. Taxpayers have until Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 to file their 2017 returns and pay any taxes due. Taxpayers requesting an extension will have until Monday, October 15th, 2018 to file. Please keep in mind, if you do end up filing for an extension, that grace period is given only for the actual filing of the tax return. Any monies you may owe the IRS are considered late if not paid by the actual due date of the tax return-April 17th. 

FYI- Just like last year, there will be a short delay for some tax returns at the onset of this tax season. For tax returns claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit, the service will not release refunds before mid-February. Those tax refunds are subject to additional checks under law to guard against identity theft and tax fraud. The IRS anticipates the earliest EITC/ACTC related refunds will be available in taxpayer bank accounts starting on Feb. 27, 2018, for those taxpayers that choose direct deposit and have no other delay issues with the tax return. This law change gives the IRS more time to detect and prevent the fraud that has been so rampant these past few years. It’s a necessary evil, unfortunately, and just a sign of the times we live in. This does not mean that you cannot file your return before mid February. It just means that the IRS will not process your refund until mid February.

For more great tax tips and articles, be sure to visit As always, we are happy to help answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about your tax situation. Please feel free to contact us at any time. E-File Florida takes pride in being responsive to our customer's needs.

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