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Theatre Bench
Urban GFRC  Seat Wall
TF-6084 Illuminated Bollard
Flight Deck Bike Rack
A newly released research paper - Three Traits Shared by New York Cities Most Walkable Streets - has identified three key ingredients to creating pedestrian friendly places.  The researchers who studied streets in New York City and Salt Lake City, Utah has found that streets that are distinctive and memorable contain a higher level of pedestrian activity than streets that are nondescript and blank. 

The authors site visual identity, unique views or vistas, architectural character as important to making streets memorable.  The authors note that it’s also important that pedestrian friendly streets have active uses, street furniture and plenty of street level windows. 

We’ve been promoting distinctive furniture and site amenities to create memorable places for almost ten years now.  Here are a few of our favorites. 

Twig Bench. Designed in Australia but being built in the U.S. under license to Tournesol Siteworks.  The bench is a favorite because of it’s organic design and creation of conversation pockets.   Multiple units connected end to end create a wide variety of Twig seating configurations. During daylight or evening hours, the standard or illuminated Twig become landmarks.

Bike-A-Saurus Bike Rack.  This large capacity bike parking sculpture doubles as both art and bike rack. 

This unit and other artistic bike racks encourages cycling and promote art on the street and in public places.

The Bike-A-Saurus may easily become inspiration for other artistic bike parking ideas.

WonderDish. The WonderDish is a bench group that includes an interactive sound feature incorporated into a six foot parabolic dish.   Installed in pairs at distances up to 200 feet, voices (even whispers) spoken into one WonderDish is heard at it’s companion dish.  View other interactive elements.

Galet PSI.  The Galet is a public seating island that mimics an element in nature -  the smooth stone.  Designed to provide seating options for small spaces or individual seeking isolated individual outdoor space, the Galet is a trend setter.  Other PSI’s.

Downtown Planters.  The Downtown collection of planters or flower pots are one of our memorable favorites because of their versatility in size, color options and classic design. 

Constructed in either light weight fiberglass (ideal for deck roofs or  interior spaces) or glass fiber reinforced concrete (ideal for high traffic areas and streetscape projects), these planters will stand out in any roof top, streetscape or landscape environment.  Select finishes in eye catching high gloss fiberglass colors, metal infused and metal matched paints or acid etch or traverine stone finishes.  Other planter options.

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