What do you say to your 18 year old daughter when the doctor tells her that she has cancer? How do you deal with that?

In this interview, Fr. Mike talks to the parents of Rebecca Stepusin about their journey with her for nineteen months as she dealt with this devastating disease. During that time, Becca (as she was lovingly called) had over five major surgeries.

The amazing thing is that Becca chose to live as normal a life as possible. She heard the diagnosis right before going to college, but she decided to go any way. Her friends were very supportive and didn’t focus on her illness. That was exactly how she wanted it to be.

Through her parents story, we learn how Becca coped and what a gift she was to them and is to us now.  She trusted in God and was joyful to the very end. The book entitled Rare captures her spirit.

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Wordnet Production announces the release of
"iGod today in Spanish"

Today we hear a lot about dysfunctional families. Are there dysfunctional families in the Bible?

In this program, Fr. Mike looks at the story of Isaac and Rebecca. You remember that Isaac is the son of Abraham whom he tried to sacrifice to God. Then when Isaac is ready for marriage, Abraham sends a servant to find a suitable match.

Later Isaac and Rebecca have two sons, Esau and Jacob. As Isaac is dying, he wants to give his final blessing to the elder son, Esau. But Rebecca favors Jacob and connives to fool her husband so that Jacob gets the blessing. This causes much upset in the family, to say the least.

In reflecting on this story, Fr. Mike talks about favoritism in families, lying and deception, and living with and in dysfunctional families. Through this story of Rebecca, God has something to say to us today.
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