When Bernie Sanders started this political revolution no one thought it would go this far but even if progressives fall short on the presidential nomination, the revolution does not end.

The stakes are too high for us to give up or allow the establishment to marginalize progressives once again.

That is why we must defeat Debbie Wasserman Schultz in August. 

Tim Canova is a Bernie Sanders supporter like me who was inspired to challenge his congresswoman -- who happened to be the Democratic National Committee chair who has abused her office to rig the system against an anti-establishment challenger.

Like always, the establishment in Washington underestimated what progressive activists are capable of when we stand together and fight for working Americans.  

We need volunteers across the country to help introduce Tim to voters in his district, make sure they register as Democrats and turn them out to vote. Help us take on the political establishment and continue the revolution!
Tim Canova's phone system is almost identical to the one used by Bernie Sanders, so if you made calls before then this will be nothing new. 

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