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To Our Members and Friends 

As the California Fashion Association comes to the end of our 22nd year, we want to express our gratitude for your support of the CFA mission. Through the turbulent and changing times the industry has faced in recent years, and the continuing adjustment to the technologies for both the creative and social media aspects of distribution, our members have been steadfast in their reliance on CFA’s information stream.


Keeping the industry informed clearly helps your colleagues and employees understand the issues on the table.


We are also aware that there is a steady rise in international respect for 'California Fashion', and we are hard at work in focusing our city, state, and federal officials toward a friendlier knowledge-base about the business of fashion.


This past year the CFA office has continued to develop a global network with associations from Hong Kong, Korea, Italy, Israel, Colombia, Peru, Canada, Pakistan, and Egypt, as well as individual companies from apparel producing regions throughout the world. 


Respect for the work of the California Fashion Foundation (CFF) also steadily increases. At our annual Scholarship luncheon in April we applaud the talent coming from our region's advanced educational programs, and continue the tradition of a Christmas party for the children of the downtown child-care centers. Throughout the year, the CFF lends marketing support with bulletins and newsletter for the charitable events sponsored by CFA members


This note also offers sincere gratitude for those of you who show up at the various events, and write that 'extra' check when called upon. We know it remains challenging for you to sort out all of the ‘asks’ on your desk, but you do find the time and resources to commit to the CFA's mission.


Your efforts help to maintain the vision for the industry you are in, and we, at the CFA, are inspired by your selfless commitment.


Thank you again for being a member of the California Fashion Association, and we wish you a healthy a Happy Holiday season...and a successful 2018.


During this holiday season, we take the time to reflect on our core purpose: helping people thrive, every day. It is in this spirit that we wish you a joyous holiday season and thriving New Year.