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*New Class*
8:30 pm
"Cardio Hip-Hop"
Danielle Janco

*New Class*
1:30 pm
Gillian Clark

Pop Up Classes & Workshops

*June 4th*
"50/50 Yoga"
1:30 - 2:45 pm
*Special Guest Instructor*
Alpita Patel

*4-Week Workshop Series* June 8, 15, 22, 29
"Pain Relief"
10:15 am
Luisa Frias

*June 10th*
"The Reset"
1:30 pm
Gillian Clark

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Dear --FNAME--,

Back from a trip overseas, I find myself with work piled up and and attitude of, "amanha..."

This is the most beautiful time of year in Los Angeles! Not too hot, flowers still in bloom, morning clouds burning off to reveal green hills and clear skies. This is the time we tend to want to shirk our responsibilities and basque in the sun. This is the time when we want to entertain our lovers and have them allure us.

But the work, the responsibilities and the care-taking still tends to remain. The kids still need dinner and so do you. The garden still needs watering and the trash still needs to be taken out. The emails pile up. Now you have over 800 in your inbox.

And your body...well your beautiful body needs to move and exercise just like it did before.

So you know what to do. Just show up.

Show up at SWERVE and we will motivate you. Show up at SWERVE and we will work you out. We'll welcome you and accept you for who you are. We'll listen to your excuses with a wry grin and make you work a little harder than your excuses might let you.

Listen, I don't want to work right now, but I'm just showing up to do it. I have to say that it's a lot easier when there's a whole bunch of sweet people nearby with good vibes and positive attitudes to buoy me up. Thanks, Belovéd SWERVER. You make my life better. Showing up for you, makes me show up for my life a little more solidly.

Hey, want to come dance at the SWERVE Summer Party? We're convening this Sunday afternoon and Amanda Bauman is DJ-ing. SWERVE Peeps--definitely dance. Click the image below and we'll add you to the Evite with the details. Show up to your community and your community will show up for you.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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Expires 6/30/2017. In-person, or sign in advance online.