Dear --FNAME--,

It was a profound honor to share the healing space with all of you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful hearts.

Infinite Love and Gratitude,

-Todd Kurpil

"I am a vessel of Love, feeling a high vibrational frequency!" My wish is that this message (which we declared aloud repeatedly in today's workshop) becomes a mantra for us, generating the healthy and fulfilled lives that we desire to create. I am changed from today--made more, by remembering my True Self once again. I want more of this health-generating power and Grace and I claim that I will continue my work to manifest this in my life. I am setting aside the afternoons of November 2nd and 3rd to proceed forward and generate further and deeper progress for my highest good by participating Todd's full Lifeline Ignite Workshop. I invite you to join me there. We have extended "Early Bird" pricing ($295 instead of $350) until tomorrow night.