Dear Watershed Family,

Last Sunday marked an important moment in the life of our church.  At our Night of Worship, we kicked off Flourish, our very first 15/1500 Vision Campaign!  Tomorrow, we will begin a four week teaching series around Ezekiel 47.  In this passage, God brings life to the community of faith and that life flows from them into the world and causes life to abound wherever they go!  Over the next few weeks, we will learn that when we flourish as individuals, our church flourishes; when our church flourishes, our community flourishes; and when our community flourishes we bring God's light and hope to the world around us.

We approved our 15/1500 Vision this Spring.  In short, in 15 years, we will gather as 1500 worshipers each week who are growing as disciples and Christian leaders to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors and shed God's love to our community.  This year's Vision Campaign calls us all to take a bold step toward making this vision a reality.  We know that we truly flourish as we grow as disciples.  Therefore, our focus for 2018 will be on growing our discipleship ministries and inviting our community to join us as we grow together in Christ.

To get the most out out of our Flourish journey, I hope you will join me as we:
Pray - join us for one of our weekly prayer huddles
Worship - don't miss a single week in worship
Deepen - engage in sermon-based study individually or with your Deeper Group
Impact - join us for a Saturday flood relief workday
Support - take a bold step in supporting the 2018 budget

Here is the timeline for our Campaign:
October 1: Worship; Prayer Huddle - Clear Creek High School (2:08 p.m.)
October 7: Flood Relief Workday (Meet on campus at 8:30 a.m.)
October 8: Worship: Prayer Huddle - Neighborhoods (2:13 p.m.)
October 14: Flood Relief Workday (Meet on campus at 8:30 a.m.)
October 15: Worship; Prayer Huddle - Goforth Elementary (2:32 p.m.)
October 21: Flood Relief Workday (Meet on Campus at 8:30 a.m.)
October 22: Commitment Sunday; Prayer Huddle (on our land after each service)
November 12: Celebration Sunday (Thanksgiving Picnic at noon)

Be looking for a mailer soon that will provide more detailed information about Flourish: A 15/1500 Vision Campaign and join me in praying about making a bold commitment to helping God's vision for The Watershed move one step closer to becoming a reality!
Yours in Christ,

Rev. Lance Richards
Lead Pastor