The Farm Dirt
Hours are 8-6 Every Day
Celebrating 175 years of Family Farming on Nantucket
Tina Fournier was the chef in our first commercial kitchen which we opened in the 1990's!
Blooming Creations is Open
Bring out your empty window boxes and containers and let our creative and talented staff plant them for you! 
Time To Plant!
We are confident that the last frost date has come and gone, so it is safe to plant some of the more tender herbs and vegetables in your garden! 
Fresh from the Fields...
The Freshest Salad On The Island
From our fields and greenhouses 
to your table in just a few hours.
From the Kitchen
Lobster Dinners start this weekend!
Call ahead or order in person at the deli counter.
Your favorites are back!
Picnic Season is upon us, and we have everything you need for a simple backyard cookout, a beach outing, or a big party!
Dom's marinated beef, chicken and pork,
sausages, burgers are all in the meat case. 
Don't feel like cooking?
Click here for our Take-Out Catering Menu. 
Like old friends, Salty Oats Cookies are back for the season!
Bring the kids... & find Ben and Jerry!
Ben and Jerry have decided they are going to
hide somewhere on the farm every day!
They could be hiding anywhere customers are allowed to go.
If your child finds one of these rascals, bring them back to the Farm Hand Stand to collect your reward! 
Every night when we close, Ben and Jerry will wander off
and hide again.
May 25 is National Wine Day
Come check out the growing collection of craft beers & ciders from New England and beyond!
Celebrate by popping open something new!
Save the Dates!
Do you know someone who used to work at the farm?
Let them know about this special farm-alumni event we will be
holding in July.  If you ever worked on the farm, you can become a member of the Bartlett's Farm Alumni Facebook Group, too!
Bartlett's 175th Anniversary Presents-
Who's Your Farmer? Get to know our staff!

Meet Cheryl Gregorich, Baker

Cheryl started with the farm in May 2015 and works in the kitchen as a baker. Hailing from Kennebuck, Maine, her husband moved to the island to teach at Nantucket High School and Cheryl followed soon after. 
She has been baking for 22 years and her favorite meal to cook is breakfast.  So it follows that she introduced the now-well-recognized Breakfast Cookie.
Cheryl enjoys meeting people who come to Nantucket from away, and especially enjoys the quiet winters and beaches. She says the island could use a mountain range but it's ok just the way it is!  
When she's not at work, you can find her walking the family dogs, Hope and Barley, or reading suspenseful stories. 
If Cheryl had not gone into baking, a career in Zoology and animal rights would have been her alternate path. 

(We are glad she chose baking though - those breakfast cookies are amazing!)

Have you Tried our Full Service Self Check Outs?

As we approach the two month anniversary of our 

self check fast lanes,

now seems a better time than ever to explain why

ours are different.

While most self checkouts are designed to have the customer do it completely on their own,

ours come with full customer service.

Have a question? A cashier is there to help.

Need an item? A cashier is there to help.

Instructions on how it all works? A cashier is there to help.

Register lanes full and you need to get out quickly? A cashier is there to help.


We are always looking for ways to improve your shopping experience and after seeing them in use in other markets like ours, we decided to upgrade to try to get you through the lines faster, so you can get home, to the beach, to dinner, or to your party sooner! 

It's Practically Beach Weather...
And the market is fully stocked with everything you need!
Chairs, umbrellas, games
bubbles, footballs, sunhats
bags, coolers, Sun Bum sunscreen
boogie Boards, sand bucket kits 
Nantucket Fresh Catch
Open 10-6 Every Day
What's in the case this week?
Soft Shell Crabs

Save The Dates
6/8 Rose in the Roses 4 pm to 6 pm in the Garden Center

6/9 Coast of Maine expert Sue Lavallee will discuss Raised Bed Gardening and show you how it's done! 

6/23 Proven Winners representatives will present new products.
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