April 2016 Newsletter

“Who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body." 
- Philippians 3:21

Dear HPN,

We hope you had a joyful Easter and are already preparing for a beautiful Spring!  May is our biggest month of this year because of our upcoming Summit.  We are expecting God to do miraculous works with us and for us, so would you join us in praying as we ask Him for big things…
Local Chapter Director’s SUMMIT
HPN’s first ever Local Chapter Director’s SUMMIT is this May 4-7th where 60 LCDs are gathering in Hollywood for an amazing packed schedule of prayer walks, discussions, keynote speakers, panels, worship, casting vision and prayer.  Would you pray for everyone who is attending from 7 countries around the world and 14 states? We want the Lord to touch everyone’s heart so that no leaves the same as they came!  And may He do life-changing miracles in the lives of all 100+ people who are involved!

 Sam "The Intern" Vargas Graduates
  We praise God or our wonderful intern this semester, Sam Vargas from Azusa Pacific   University.  He has been such a help to HPN and as he graduates this month we           thank God for having Sam be a part of our ministry team. Check out some of the           Hollywood Snapshots that Sam shot and edited for us at:
Youtube Channel

God is Moving in Hollywood 
God is moving so mightily in Hollywood it’s almost hard to keep up.  We are watching Bible Studies, Alpha Groups and Power Lunches spring up on every single major studio lot in our city!!!!  
Just recently, after much prayer, both Sony and Universal started a Bible study and the Universal study already has 10 people studying Experiencing God together. Keep praying for the growth and effectiveness of the Christian communities on each of these studios:  Paramount, CBS, NBC Universal, Disney/ABC, Warner Bros., Universal, Disney, Sony/Columbia and Fox.  Your prayers are making an eternal difference in our industry! 
Pray for Comedian Tim Allen
Star of the former hit TV series “Home Improvement” Tim Allen has been on a spiritual search ever since age 11 and is now a believer in God, whom he calls his Builder!   Tim is now talking in public about his faith and we want the Lord to strengthen him and protect him from the challenges and spiritual battle that comes with being a celebrity in the lime light.
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“The Story of God with Morgan Freeman”
There are so many new TV shows and films that are lifting up the name of God!  One of them is a series called “The Story of God with Morgan Freeman” that premiered on Sunday, April 3rd on the National Geographic Channel.  It is a six week series focusing on what people believe about God all across the globe.  Executive Produced by an HPN member, this series reveals a truth of our God in each episode.  Will you pray that the Gospel message will touch people’s hearts and lives all over the world through this series?  As you pray, check out the trailer at: 
View Trailer
Christians in positions of influence
All of the networks are making final decisions on what shows they are going to pick up and drop for this Fall’s new TV season. Would you pray that the Lord will place more Christians in positions of influence and decision-making on every TV series?  We know of over 15 TV series currently on the air with Christians at the helm or on the staff.  That’s miraculous!  CBS has announced their series renewals of 11 current shows:
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The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival
The 69th annual Cannes Film Festival opens May 11th in Cannes, France.  It is known as the largest and most visible Film Festival of the year where new films are screened and purchased for international distribution, and panels, keynotes, master classes and events are led by world renown celebrities and decision-makers in film. Three of this year’s many guests are Steven Spielberg, George Clooney and Jodie Foster.  Would you pray that the Lord’s presence changes people’s hearts there and that the business decisions made there will be glorifying to God.  

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Gary Shandling; Dies at 66
The known Comedian, died on March 24th from a heart attack. The industry is grieving this unexpected loss and we ask that the Lord will turn this into good and that Christians here will be able to offer eternal hope to those feeling the loss. 
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Hollywood National Day of Prayer 
Please pray for the 23rd annual Hollywood National Day of Prayer gathering on Thursday, May 5th, 2016.  This year it will be held at the Salvation Army Theater in Hollywood and it will be an evening of worship and prayer for all of Hollywood. Everyone in LA is welcome!  
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HPN’s Local Chapter Directors SUMMIT
Please pray for the attendees, speakers and leaders and all of our specific needs for HPN’s Local Chapter Directors SUMMIT that is being held for our National and International Local Chapter Directors in three weeks, May 4 – 7th.  It’s a huge event and we ask that the Lord will give us miraculous favor in planning, that all the attendees will get here safely, all the details will come together and that everyone will have a broader, deeper, richer, more insightful view of the Hollywood mission field!  We also need more funds to cover all the costs. We got a generous grant for half of our expenses but we have quite a few thousand dollars more to raise!  We do have an amazing matching grant that will turn any donation into 25% more – instantly.  So, please pray that the Lord nudges the people whom He wants to partner with us on this exciting International Summit!  We want to bless and honor our Local Chapter Directors, so join us in praying for God to supply ALL that we need! For more details on the schedule and how to pray:  
More Info
Thank you so much for praying with us this month!  We have an exciting month ahead, full of miracles and Divine Appointments.  We can’t wait to tell you how the Lord has met all of our needs and answered our prayers!  We so appreciate you.

With love,
Karen, Megan, Veronica and the last month of our wonderful intern Sam
Upcoming Events:

Hollywood Connect Navigation Session
The next Hollywood Connect Navigation Session is on April 16th, where Christians who are new to Hollywood spend a morning at CBS and learn about how to get plugged in to both the professional industry and our Christian community.  Sign up at:
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Book of The Month:
Dangerous Prayer: Discovering Your Amazing Story Inside the Eternal Story of God, by Cheri Fuller
It’s a book to get you out of your praying comfort zone!  And HPN is in it – because praying for Hollywood is dangerous praying! You can find a copy at www.cherifuller.com, or Amazon!
Video of the Month
This is cutest description of what Easter is all about:
Watch Here
Quote of the Month
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”
– Teilhard de Chardin
Verse of the Month
“Who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body." 
- Philippians 3:21
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