February 8, 2019
Today's temperature:  -24
Tomorrow’s temperature: -26ºC; Sunday: -23ºC
Snowfall in past 48 hours: 2cm
Packed base: 10-14  cm
Hours of operation: Monday - Sunday 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Polar vortex, Arctic mass, the legendary Bill Matheson’s “…most dreaded of all meteorological phenomenon, the Siberian high!”;  whatever nomenclature is applied, the bottom line (on the thermometer) is that it’s cold! Even the brass monkeys are sporting several layers in this weather… But you know the frigid phrase around here: “at least the snow won’t melt!” In fact, the snow becomes quite resolute, resisting gliding ski bases with all its frozen essence and offering unique auditory cues as to its current coefficient of friction. We have had a sparse number of skiers braving the brisk temperatures this week, but those that have made the sojourn here have enjoyed some idyllic, peaceful skiing (even a special birthday ski) with the sun making a purely symbolic appearance from time to time so we can enjoy the Rays. With the long-range forecast suggesting that the deep-freeze is here to stay for a while, we have some helpful hints to at least keep your thoughts warm:

  • Keep the wax iron hot and apply Swix LF4 multiple times on the glide zones of your ski base, including a hot scrape; this will harden the base, tighten up the structure, and purge any remnants of softer or dirty wax in the base. All these will help the ski glide better on the cold snow. Add LF3 for the final glide coat for further durability on the snow
  • Based on biomechanics of propulsive forces and physics of friction pertaining to the interaction of the ski base on the snow, classic skiing is usually easier to tolerate than skate skiing when the snow is very cold
  • Choose your clothing layers carefully (base, mid / insulating, outer), and bring a complete extra set of clothing to ski in, and another to change into post-ski. Any extra moisture in your clothing, especially against your skin, will conduct heat away from your body (where you need it!). Gloves/mitts and socks are usually the first culprits
  • Cover as much exposed skin as possible, and monitor yourself and friends for signs of frostbite (see below for a wind chill chart)
  • Ski at lower intensity / speed – enough to keep muscles working and warm, but not fast enough to induce exertion and higher respiration rates. Take frequent warm-up breaks; keep up your liquid and caloric intake.
  • Avoid areas with open wind exposure; many of our trails have good protection from the wind but there are some trails and areas that are more open. Respect the wind chill factor, remembering that your ski speed contributes to this; ski up the big hills instead of down.

We are out grooming today, with some fresh and very crystalline snow to work into a pristine integument for those ready and equipped to get out and ski. Think warm , stay warm - the Boogie is coming...

See you on the trails!

Grooming Report:

Cold, compact snow grooms well; overall very good rating

West Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Multipurpose Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Moose Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Old Ridgeway Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Deer Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
East Trails Last Groomed Last Track Set Rating / Comments
Fox Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Owl Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Wagon Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Coyote North Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Coyote South Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Old Ridgeway Feb. 8 Feb. 8 Very Good - Excellent
Wax Recommendations:
Fresh, cold snow = straightforward waxing
Glide: Swix LF4, add LF3 for some extra hardening to improve glide
Grip: Swix VG35 basebinder, Swix VR30

Ski Season Passes (Nov. - April):

Child (2-12yr)              $21.00
Youth  (13-17yr)          $25.00

Adult                           $55.00
Family **                     $115.00

Senior 65+                  $35.00

Day Trail Passes:

Child (2-12yr)             $2.75
Youth  (13-17yr)         $3.25

Adult                           $7.00
Family **                    $14.00

Senior 65+                 $4.50
(**Family Passes are 2 adults and up to 3 children 2-17yrs related and living in the same house)
Ski & Snowshoe Rentals:

Rentals to be used only within the park / All rentals due back 1hr prior to closing

All ski & snowshoe rentals are for 3hrs max

  • Child & Youth XC Package    $13.00
  • Adult/Senior XC Package    $16.00
  • Skate Package (all ages)    $20.00
  • Skin Ski package (adult)     $20.00
  • Snowshoe Rental    $8.75

2019 Fast Trax Beat the Blues Boogie

On March 3, 2019, we are pleased to once again host the Beat the Blues Boogie event, in partnership with Fast Trax Run & Ski Shop. 

The aim of the Beat the Blues Boogie is to provide Nordic skiers a low-key competitive opportunity as the season winds down. The tradition continues with this year’s edition of the "Beat the Blues Boogie", raising funds to beat cancer in the name of Roger Tetrault. This year we will be doing something for our dear ski friend Julie Witten-Land, who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.  Presently Julie is undergoing chemotherapy and additionally applying alternative medicine and treatments to cure this disease. Instead of donating all entry fees to the Alberta Cancer Foundation, we will be donating the proceeds from the event to Julie, dedicating these funds for her cancer treatments.

This is a fun race to keep up the spirit of the season; the event is free technique, with a classic track for the sit skis and little striders, and distances from 2 - 30km.
 **New this Year**: Pursuit Challenge 10km skate event, in partnership with the Vermillion Nordic Ski Club Becki Scott Loppet on Saturday, March 2; 10km classic category. Start times for the 10 km skate Pursuit category will be determined by finish times from the 10 km classic event.
Full event details available here.
Race registration is open now at Zone4.ca; click here to register.
Book the lodge
Did you know that our main lodge is available to book? It has meeting/dining space for up to 50 people, and overnight accommodations for 40; a fully equipped kitchen, commercial cooking grill, barbecue, fireplace, dormitories and meeting space in the lower lodge.