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Don't let them let this die.
You must act NOW!
Senate File 253 would establish in Iowa law that life begins at conception, the first step in defending every precious mother and baby from the horrors of abortion.
But the fate of SF253 may very well lie in the hands of one man today, Senate President Jack Whitver. The duties and powers of his office enable him to move SF253 to a committee that can pass it before the “funnel” deadline of this Friday, after which it may be too late for SF253 to advance this year.

Iowa Senate President Jack Whitver
She's a Baby Movement is Moving Hearts
Take a moment and watch this amazing video showing "She's a Baby" put together by The FAMiLY LEADER, a CoPLL. The “She’s a Baby” initiative specifically encourages Iowa’s lawmakers to pass legislation like Senate File 253, the Life at Conception Act, and encourages Iowans to support their legislators in taking leadership on defending human life.
“To assist in tangible encouragement to all the legislators … we are launching a comprehensive “She’s a Baby” initiative,” explained Bob Vander Plaats of The FAMiLY LEADER, a CoPLL member, at the press conference. “This is to have their back, but it’s also to deliver a message to all of Iowa that that little girl in her mother’s womb, she is a baby. It is to highlight the Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders, our unity, and our resolve to pass this bold, courageous, and right statement for life at conception.”
Join the fight to give equal rights and equal protection to the child in the womb. Every little bit counts in our mission to bring a voice to the voiceless. Consider donation $5 $10 $20 or more. Click the link above.