On the Road for Life

Iowans for LIFE was happy to welcome Jennifer Rousch, RN and Director of Medical Services at Informed Choices of Iowa as our speaker for our first Lunch and Learn this year. Although the weather didn't allow for a rooftop view we were still able to learn about the amazing life saving services offered at Informed Choices through a van, turned into a medical center, named Charlie. Jennifer spoke of all the amazing things they are able to do when you have a movable ultrasound machine and fast,  safe access to needed healthcare resources like pregnancy and STD testing. Though young women and men can receive the same care at their home base, she is amazed at how many people walk right up to the van asking for help. Jennifer spoke of a young woman who approached her while she was simply filling up Charlie with gas. "I realized this is something I need to get used to," Jennifer said while smiling from ear to ear. "You are available to them in ways you cannot be if they have to drive out of their way to get to you." Charlie is constantly moving, allowing them to be accessible to more people in more locations. Charlie can even sit close to an abortion facility offering ultrasounds and more options or a shoulder to cry on and open arms if she does follow through with the abortion. "We are here for her no matter what she chooses." 

Things to look for in the future with Charlie is the reversal of the RU-486 pill which would save many unborn babies lives and up to date location apps allowing people to know exactly where Charlie is. Jennifer explained, many  women who take the RU-486 regret their decision the moment they swallow the pill. "Charlie will give us faster response time because we can come to her to start the doses needed to save her babies life." 
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