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Issue 3 Volume 4
April 2010
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The Drag Bunt
How Young is Too Young?
When Parents Go Too Far
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More Than ERA
Pitching Coaches Will be Amazed!
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Bunting for a Base HitBryan Sidensol
by Bryan Sidensol, owner of Hitting World
The drag bunt, or the threat of a drag bunt, can be an effective tool to spread the defense and put pressure on the third baseman, first baseman and pitcher. You don't have to be the fastest player on your team to utilize it either. Of course speed helps, but your bunting execution matters more. Read Article
Backyard Batter
A Real Hit!
If you like to hit this is it from T-ball to the Majors. This machine is fun, affordable & durable! Great hitters don't just happen, they train! Whether you play T-Ball, Little League, High School, Slow or Fast Pitch Softball, The Backyard Batter is the tool for the job. Learn More
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Brian Gotta At What Age Should Kids Begin Playing Travel Ball?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Competitive or "travel" sports have exploded in popularity over the past decade. We'd like to know how you feel about kids playing on travel teams and how old you believe a child should be before starting. There are two ways to give us your feedback. Visit our blog and simply click "Leave a comment" or go to our Facebook page and click the, "Discussions" tab at the top.
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When Parents Go Too Far Dr. Goldberg
By Dr. Alan Goldberg

Parents initially get involved in their children's sports with the hopes that they can help their son or daughter have a rewarding and successful life experience. In general, they hope that their child will have fun, learn a ton of valuable athletic and life skills and be successful. Unfortunately, somewhere in this process of "being helpful," parents begin to inadvertently do far more damage than good.
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