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Meet Your Summer Camp Director: 
Beth Jones 

Beth is from Lexington, South Carolina, and she's been attending Gravatt for as long as she can remember. For the past five summers she has been a counselor, Waterfront Director, and Assistant Director for Leadership Development. She is excited to take on her new role as Summer Camp Director starting in January of 2018. Beth is currently finishing up her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of South Carolina in Human Resource Management and will graduate in December of 2017.

1) How many years have you been coming to Gravatt?
I started attending summer camp at Gravatt at the age of 6, so 17 summers ago.

2) What is your favorite Gravatt song?
My favorite by far is Prince of Peace.

3) What is your favorite Gravatt memory?
My favorite memory from camp is from 3 summers ago. I had to leave early to go back to school and right after lunch the whole camp group hugged me, staff and campers.

4) What's your favorite Gravatt game?
My favorite game that we play at Gravatt is called Secret Agent. We toss 2 liter bottles filled with water into the lake and the kids have to find it before their opposing team does. 

5) Who was your very first counselor, and what do you remember about her?
The first one I remember having was a woman named Dani in Tent 6 and the only thing I really remember is that she choreographed a dance for my tent's talent show act. 

6) Why should parents send their kids to Gravatt this summer?

#1- From a parent's perspective, Camp Gravatt teaches your kids a lot about themselves, how to challenge themselves and reach their potential, how to interact with other people their age, and what it is like to be out in the world without their parents right behind them. (This last one is scary, but an important thing for encouraging independence and autonomy in your child.) 

#2- From a child's perspective; Camp Gravatt is one of the easiest places to be yourself and be accepted for it. You will meet amazing staff members and campers who want to get to know you and are specifically there to have fun with you all week. The people that you meet at Gravatt will become your lifelong friends. 

We can hardly wait for Beth (and summer camp) to be here!

Give the Gift of Gravatt
Best. Gift. Ever.

Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. now have the opportunity to Give the Gift of Gravatt this holiday season. When they do, each camper will receive a certificate. Those who Give the Gift of Gravatt will have the additional opportunity to purchase something from our Gravatt Christmas line for them to wrap and place under the tree! Items include:

  • Gravatt Christmas Tee Shirts (all proceeds go to support the Christmas Retreat for Military Families!)
  • Gravatt Blanket
  • Gravatt Ornaments/Wall Hangings

Tshirts and Blankets are available for purchase NOW! Ornaments and wall hangings will be available next week! 

If you'd like to Give the Gift of Gravatt, all you have to do is:

After registering, email Kara Dye at, and she'll send you your certificate! If you'd like to purchase a gift from the Christmas line, click on the button below!
Gravatt Deeds & Needs
A place to show gratitude to faithful supporters and acknowledge current need. 

We want to extend a HUGE thank you to Simons McGlone (pictured at right), who saw our 'need' in October's Deeds and Needs section of our newsletter, and raised the funds to purchase a new chainsaw! We are incredibly thankful for your heart for Gravatt, Simons! Also, shoutout to all of those who gave to support the chainsaw purchase:
  • Sam Robinson 
  • JB Carrouth 
  • Austin Ryan 
  • Frank Townsend 
  • Hayne Floyd
  • Claire Walters
  • Jordan Postal
  • Evan Mikula
  • Bridges Michelle 
  • Danielle Stegar 
  • Maddy Mazoue 
  • Hayne Wilkerson 
  • Taylor Patten 

  • Truck for maintenance use 
  • 4x4 Gator or Mule
  • Commercial grade wood chipper
  • Gas powered weed eater
  • Dehumidifiers 
  • Gas-powered leaf blower
  • Canoes/kayaks/paddle boards
  • Wood chips/mulch

Are you willing to donate or have any information on where to acquire these items? Let us know at!
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