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Anxiety Blues: Coping with Anxiety.
Preamble: Anxiety causes stress and in Stress in turn causes more anxiety producing a sense  of defeating inability  that over a period of time  produces depression
Summary: The viscous cycle of anxiety, stress and depression can effectively be cut short with the use of powerful  and  inspirational affirmations .
What you will Learn: How to use affirmations to overcome anxiety
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                                               How is anxiety produced?
We all worry about things that concern us, such as our finances, our job and our  relationships. Over a period of time we cumulate so many worries that it becomes harder and harder to remember the source of your worries and you worry without knowing what you are worried, When that happens this worry becomes anxiety. Anxiety is the free floating worry when you are worried and dont know what you are worried about.
How does anxiety cause stress & depression?
Not knowing what you are worried  about  creates a feeling of defeating  inability to make things right which is very stressful and takes a toll on your mind sand mind and your body. 
Stress cause more anxiety and it makes you feel helpless This learned helplessness is the essence of your depression
                                                How does the
 interaction between anxiety, stress & depression turns into  .     fear of unknown which impacts upon your immune system?
Helplessness fosters fear of unknown which is devastating  to your well being and if this cycle continues, it can damage your immune system functioning and making you vulnerable to many other medical problems. 

                             Affirmations: The Anecdote to Anxiety
James Allen expounded the power of thoughts to transform our lives in his book, ‘As you Thinketh, So you Becometh’, This means you become what You think, since thoughts translate into words; words generate feelings and feelings drive our actions.
In a leadership & production article, the authors of Franklin Covey’s Plan Plus on Line, illustrate the powerful impact of tagline affirmations this way::
* How would you feel if you woke up knowing, ‘I am the architect of my life,.I build its
   foundation and choose its content.’
* What would you accomplish, if you woke up knowing, ‘Today I am brimming with energy
  and overflowing with joy.
      They further suggest that’ your affirmations have powerful impact on your
            1-  Conscientious and unconscious mind
            2.- Helps you focus on your goals
            3.- Get rid of your negative self – defeating beliefs -
            4- Program your sub-conscience mind
            5 - it states what you expect from yourself and others to experience
 .               for being around you.
            6- It is a promise you. made to yourself and how you show around in
                 the world
In prayer asking the Divine for guidance for knowing the difference between right and wrong, wee use affirmations. As a care giver, to keep my own sense of well-being and help those who  needed my help, some of the Affirmations and Taglines I have used in my own life are as follows:
 My Affirmations;
* I am in absolute and complete control of my mind and body, responsible for their
   well- being.
* Thoughts of serenity wiill pervade in my life and begin to affect my thinking, feelings and
   my behavior.
* What my mind can conceive and believe; I can achieve.
* Being proactive, I always respond rather react to challenging life situations

         I encourage you to develop your own affirmations
                 keeping in mind the following guidelines:
1. It should not be more than a few lines as few as possible. no than 1 to 3 lines.
2. It should be a stated in positive terms.
3.  It should reflect your personality.
4. It should target only one goal at a time in its completed state.
5. That goal should be your cherished goal
6. It should provide meaning and purpose to your life.
An example following the specific guidelines is listed able is presented below  

Your affirmations has to be unique to yo to get the maximum benefit.
However, you can borrow affirmations of someone you admire use  them as your own                                                                        Good Luck
 in case you have difficulty developing your affirmation for yourself,
You may pick and choose affirmations  from the assortment of affirmations can be found                                                  by clicking the  affirmations button belo
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