Greedy millionaires and billionaires have always used their financial power to buy political influence but now, they are using that money to purchase power directly.

Writing checks to fund their own campaigns, people like former Goldman Sachs CEO Jon Corzine are pushing ordinary people out of the running for elected office ~ a realm that has become increasingly more difficult to enter with non-competitive districts created by gerrymandering.
Right now, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Philip Murphy (another Goldman Sachs executive) are using money gained from shady international business deals to buy elections and, sadly, it is working among both parties.
When confronted, the establishment too often sells out the public interest for campaign contributions from the greedy one percent millionaires or political favors from power brokers!
That's why I want you to run for elected office in 2017 or 2018 on the Democrats for Change line!  

Imagine: --FNAME-- --LNAME-- for Freeholder 

By recruiting a candidate for every position on the primary election ballot, we will provide a genuine progressive challenger to corrupt political insiders and give voters a real choice for every office.

Not everyone will win, but it is time for honest, progressive Democrats to stop losing!

Our plan is simple:
Build a team strong enough to win the fight against injustice & for progress
2 Recruit candidates to run for every office on the primary ballot in 2017 & 2018
3 Wage a personal campaign, with volunteers talking to voters in person, by phone or through social media instead of expensive negative TV ads.
4 Raise big money in small donation amounts from lots of people instead of compromising our values for campaign cash  
5 Tell the truth, convince people, win elections, & govern better
This kind of grassroots campaign worked for Bernie Sanders, who won more than 20 states without relying on large donations from billionaires, instead motivating an army of volunteers who share basic democratic values.

If Bernie can do it, then I can do it and so can you
In many cases, winning a primary is tantamount to election and you need far fewer votes to do that.  We have everything we need to do this, so I am counting on you to step up as a candidate, volunteer, donor (or all three).

This may be asking a lot, but you signed up for Bernie's army and this is the next logical step. We cannot abandon the fight without victory.

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