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Feature Project
The Value of Charm & Nostalgia
Sometimes the value of a home is greater than it's physical structure and monetary value. Location, family ties and deep rooted nostalgia can boost a home's personal and perceived value tenfold and that was exactly the case for the homeowner at our Highland Whole House Renovation project.

This multi-phase project began in 2013 with the renovation of the main structure. Phase II added a handsome detached  2 car garage with recreational space above. Fast forward to 2019 and we are just beginning Phase III of this project to build an addition that connects the main house to the garage and adds a spacious master suite. The commencement of Phase III made us reflect back on our long standing relationship with this client and their journey to transform this home from a nostalgic summer retreat to a permanent full time residence that will likely remain in the family for generations. 

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 2019 Phase III Project Plans 
Company News
We're Moving to America's Hometown!
As our team grows and service offerings continually evolve and increase we are now in need of more space as well as a location that is more central to the communities we service most often. 

For years we’ve had a large volume of our work centered in the beautiful historic town of Plymouth and surrounding communities up and down the South Shore.  We have always admired Plymouth's historic architecture,  picturesque seaside location and strong sense of community. 

We're proud to announce that we are soon to be a part of this great historic community. Our new office & shop location is currently under construction and will allow us to relocate our entire operation to Plymouth, MA. 

The move will make room for growth of our administrative team and the ability to expand our shop and service offerings. The location will be more central and allow for more efficient management of projects in areas we typically service on the South Shore. We're excited to bring you more news and updates on the upcoming changes as we finalize plans and prepare for our big move!
Giving back to the Earth from which we take
In celebration of Arbor Day this year we donated 50 trees to be planted in one of our National Forests through the Arbor Day Foundation.
Trees and the building industry go hand in hand. Trees are a vital aspect of the production of new home construction, remodeling and home maintenance and therefore contribute immensely to an Industry that we have valued & enjoyed serving for the past 28 years. They aren't just beneficial for our industry but also contribute directly to our environment by providing us with oxygen, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil & supporting wildlife. To keep up with supply and demand for future generations we think it’s essential to aid in the replenishment of trees and were happy to be able to contribute in this small but meaningful way.
If you would like to support this meaningful cause  and join the "Time for Trees Initiative" more information is available at the Arbor Day Foundation website.
“What’s the use of a fine house if you haven’t got a tolerable planet to put it on.”
— Henry David Thoreau
If Walls Could Talk
Your home as a time capsule
We've found some pretty interesting things in the walls during demolition of a house, some more noteworthy than others. A few recent projects have uncovered some fascinating historical finds that gave us and the homeowners a glimpse into the past and insight into a home's unique history. 

One such discovery inspired our clients to turn their renovation into an opportunity to preserve their legacy and tell their story to future generations. Read the story of one homeowner's find and how they turned their house into a time capsule just waiting for future generations to discover. 
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Design & Detail Spotlight
Choosing Window Details
Window details are often overlooked when planning a building or remodeling project.  Most homeowners have a broad sense of what their windows may look like based on architectural drawings but they may not give much thought into the many options and details that are available and how those choices will affect the beauty & functionality of their home.

Most of our clients are surprised to learn of the number of decisions that need to be made in relation to their window choices so we'd like to take the mystery out of the process and give you a quick list of the many options available and what they all mean.  Read all about it in one of our latest blog posts. 
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Tuna Tartare with Sesame Ginger Sauce


Eric and Stacy happened upon some of the freshest tuna they had ever seen when their neighbor had literally just returned from a fishing excursion with the giant fish in tow.  When he offered up a portion to share they of course could not refuse.

Now that they had this jewel toned beauty of a fish what would they make?  They wanted something that would let the quality of the fish shine so of course thought of Tuna Tartare. Simple to prepare but a combination of flavors that bring the umami depth that any foodie would appreciate.  The recipe they settled on was slightly edited to their taste so we're sharing their version which they said did not disappoint!
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