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A Message About Hope 
With everything happening in the world, the thing we need most right now is Hope. We must stand together despite these terrible current events that are occurring around the world. 

One way to help our community in these troubling times, is by spreading hope. Because without Hope, we have nothing. We all deserve Hope to imagine our future. 

                                            -Texan-French Alliance for the Arts,
Be the Peace- Be the Hope team

Be The Peace- Be the Hope
Max's Hope in Action 
Max was a student in this past summer's Be the Peace-Be the Hope program in Houston, in partnership with iEducate, which took place in June, 2017. 

At the beginning of the BTPBTH program, Max was a very guarded, timid student who said he was bullied a lot and was even hiding under the classroom desk. Through the program he found hope and confidence; he even started sharing these values with others in his classroom. In the link below, we share the story about Max giving hope to his fellow classmates. 

Tree of Hope
The Tree of Hope is a staple in the Be the Peace- Be the Hope curriculum. Students who are apart of the BTPBTH program often say that the Tree of Hope activity is one of their favorite parts. They get to draw and write their goals, values, and qualities inside a large drawing of a tree on a canvas. What makes this unique is that they are sharing the canvas with their fellow classmates and everyone's positive goals and values are together on the tree. 

The Tree of Hope has three parts, the roots, trunk, and branches. In the roots students draw or write any positive values they've learned from their teachers, friends or family; the trunk is where the students draw/write what makes them unique and feel solid; and in the branches they draw/write how they use these values and qualities to create positive actions that impact their lives and the world around them. 

In the video linked below we share the journey of students from Houston and Iraq who create their very own Tree of Hope. 

Save the Children 
Hurricane Harvey Relief
Save the Children is a non-profit that focuses on improving the lives and safety of children throughout the world. Recently Hurricane Harvey took its toll on the Houston area, and NGO's like Save the Children are helping to rebuild Houston. 

"[We are] helping make sure school-age kids can have access to schools and after-school programs. It also plans to help secure and distribute essential school supplies damaged by Hurricane Harvey, including books, computers, sports, band and art equipment and supplies, and support efforts to refurbish libraries and playgrounds."
                                                                                    -Save the Children 

Once Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, Save the Children sent out a team to deliver supplies that serve the children living in shelters in Houston and other cities affected by Harvey. 

Some facts about Hurricane Harvey aftermath:
  • 190 schools require major cleanups or suffered extensive damage
  • 40% of the people in shelters are children, who need extra support to meet their unique   needs.

Many other local, national, and international non-profits, are striving to rebuild Houston by helping Harvey victims back on their feet, like Greater Houston Community Foundation, United Way of Greater Houston, and Save the Children. 

TFAA is joining the effort of Harvey relief by bringing the BTPBTH  program to local H.IS.D. schools. 
BTPBTH's Post-Harvey relief 
Wisdom High School & Sugar Grove Academy
TFAA is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Wisdom High School and Sugar Grove Academy this fall to implement the BTPBTH program. This will be a form of post-Harvey relief to help with the children that were directly affected by the hurricane. We will bring our BTPBTH healing arts therapy program to students in order to deal with the post-disaster stresses that many students have. The program is set to start in November, 2017.

We will also be implementing this program starting in January 2018-March 2018, to more H.I.S.D. schools were impacted by Hurricane Harvey and have expressed the need for BTPBTH.  
"French Texan Dialogues"
at Yvonamor Palix Fine Arts 
You are invited to a curated exhibition where French and Texan artists create a visual dialogue in an intimate setting. The public is invited to discover the art works installed through out two newly constructed homes, this is another Live with Art proposal. 

The exhibition will be officially inaugurated by the Honorable Alexis Andres, Consul General of France. 

Music performed by Louis-Marie Fardet of the ensemble Francoeur. Light delicacies provided by Artisans Restaurant.

4712 LaBranch, Houston  77004
(Houston Museum District)
Regrets only: yvonamor@gmail.com

Tuesday, October 24 - from 5 to 8 pm
Program will begin at 6 pm

A percentage of the proceeds from the art sales will be donated to the artists and musicians victims of HARVEY participating in the event.
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