--FNAME-- , how is your Holiday prep going?  Are you all done shopping?  If you're not, and you're starting to get nervous butterflies in your stomach, instead of sugarplums in your head, do not panic!  Come into The Flaming Ice Cube and let one of our sales consultants get you back into the Holiday spirit.  We have gifts at every price point. Gifts from $10, $15, $20 and up.  We have gift boxes already put together, or bags you can fill right from the store.  We are here to help!
Leggings, Leggings, Leggings
Regular & Fleece $13 each or 2 for $25

We just received another shipment of leggings.  We have so many prints, solid colors, and now fleece!  They make a great gift for daughters, nieces, mothers, friends, anyone you can think of.  These leggings are easy on the eyes, and the wallet!
Our Bistro Has a New Dish
Penne with Meat Sauce

Of course it's Vegan, and coming from our Bistro, of course it's delicious!  Penne pasta, baked with Vegan sausage in tomato sauce and cheese, this comforting Italian dish is just what you need on these cold December days, and nights.  Take out a pan for home, at $8.95, or dine in, and add a side salad and pita bread for $13.95.  Hurry!  It's only here for a limited time!
Christmas Cookie Tray
Final day to order is Thursday December 21

Our Bistro's Christmas cookie tray is still available to order, and our cookies have to be tasted to be believed.  All cookies are made from scratch in our kitchen, and, yes, they are all vegan.  Each tray is $25 and has:  5 Gingerbread Men, 5 Iced Sugar Cookies, 5 Chocolate Chip, 5 Snickerdoodles, 6 Brownie Bites, 6 Snowballs, 6 Peanut Butter Crunch Bar Bites, and 6 Buckeyes.  Our Buckeyes and Gingerbread Men are so popular, we have decided to sell them separately from the tray.  The Gingerbread Men are $1.50 each and our Buckeyes are 6 for $7.95. Take these with you to your Christmas party, or have them at home for the family.  You'll be a Christmas star!

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