October 10, 2017
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Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Location: Southeast (Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida)
Employment Type: full-time
Reports to: National Sales Manager

Kocher + Beck, a recognized leader in the fields of flexible dies, magnetic cylinders and printing technology, is expanding its U.S. operations in various regions. We are seeking a Sales Representative to help promote our products into markets in the southeast region of the U.S. including the Label and Narrow Web industries. Specifically, we are seeking a candidate who lives in the territory. The successful candidate will identify, develop and promote new business, and further support existing sales contacts.

Preferred Experience:
5 years of relevant experience in sales, preferably in the Narrow Web industry and in the southeast region. Proven record of increasing sales.

Company Overview:
Kocher + Beck is a fast-growing company with a need for qualified employees. Kocher + Beck USA recently expanded by doubling its production facility in Lenexa, Kansas which currently employees over 100 associates. We are a family owned business that encompasses the spirit and tradition of innovation and teamwork. Kocher + Beck believes in giving the opportunity to grow within the company and recognizing hard work. That is only one reason Kocher + Beck USA is on track to become the largest tool manufacturer for the label and envelope industry in North America.

Kocher+Beck USA L.P. is an equal opportunity employer.

To apply and for more information please contact: Cindy Brewer at cbrewer@kocher-beck.com

Laser Anilox Roll Cleaning Technology is a Game Changer​​​​​​​

When it comes to new technology, there are certain products that seem to quickly become game changers on how we do things; they just become the norm. So why is this? Usually it is because these products have unique characteristics of ease-of-use, effectiveness, increased productivity, sustainability/environmental impact, and/or safety. New technologies now on the market using a laser to clean anilox rolls contain all of these characteristics, setting them up to be a real game changer.
3 Main Reasons To Upgrade Your Label Printing Equipment

by David Lee, Focus Label Machinery Ltd

Label printing machines are evolving at a rapid rate. ‘Under the skin’, today's printing machines are a vastly different animal than what was available commercially even a decade ago, so if you are running a printing operation, now is a good time to have a look at what the latest technologies have to offer.  The changes in printing technology that have happened over the last ten years are substantial and have changed the economics of label printing. In this article, we want to share with you some of the main reasons for upgrading your printing equipment, so that your company can stay competitive in an ever-evolving marketplace.
5 Key Tips for Pharmaceutical Companies Outsourcing Artwork Services for Packaging

While packaging and labeling errors account for more than half of product recalls; the bar for pharmaceutical packaging is set much higher than other market sectors — and for good reason. When errors could potentially cost a life, the pressure for accuracy in the life sciences category is a priority. To avoid the many packaging hurdles facing pharma companies today and to streamline labeling and artwork production, follow the 5 steps outlined in the article.
How to Make Direct Print Corrugated Look Good

James Chesley, Pamarco

There has been a recent increase in companies returning to or making an original investment in direct, high-graphics corrugated printing. Why this draw to something that hasn’t lived up to the capabilities of label printing in the past? In a nutshell: with technology today, there are ways of pushing the limits in direct print that the industry has never seen before. In some cases, direct corrugated print quality nearly replicates that of preprint, but it often does so at a reduced cost. By following a disciplined approach, direct print may result in new clients and increased profits.
The Cost of Out-of-Round and Out-of-Parallel Corrugated Glue Rolls

By David McBeth, Apex International

It isn’t hard to understand that glue rolls for corrugated machines with excessive TIR (total indicated runout), or glue rolls that aren’t parallel, will cause your corrugator to consume more adhesive.  It’s trickier to calculate how much, and when it makes economic sense to correct the problem.  As long as board quality, productivity, and waste are acceptable, it is tempting to post- pone maintenance.  Reducing the question to a comparison of costs helps managers make informed decisions.
Improving Color Across Suppliers

By Shoshana Burgett, Director of Corporate Strategy for X-Rite Pantone

The process of bringing a product to market is complicated. Like most things in life, the world of our imagination is broader and brighter than what reality will allow. It does not matter if it is a new product or a refresh; taking a product to market involves various parallel development activities, review and revision cycles and many meetings to discuss, review and align on design, color and materials.
Ink Transfer Technology — Dot gain and ink film thickness

By Daetwyler

Whether it’s the most complicated printing job or the simplest line work, controlling the Ink Film Thickness is very critical when it comes to providing a high quality in a repeatable print job. Commonly known print problems such and dot gain and dirty print contribute to a loss of time and money with customer rejections and reprint costs, short stops for cleaning plates, press downtime for re-mounting plates, and additional job hours and materials to complete the order.

The all new Panorama Hybrid from Nilpeter


DuPont Advanced Printing MacKayMitchell Flexo Case Study


rotec® Eco Bridge - Sleeve mounting was never easier


Flexo! Flexo! Learn All About It!


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