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February 2018


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  • The Joy of Winning; The Lessons of Losing
  • A New Cohort of Powerful Young Presenters 
  • Speak As If You Were Normal 


The Winter Olympics are finally behind us, and many of us have become bigger fans of women’s hockey. We’ve noticed that the average person on the street can now explain some of the rules in international curling. And we have a few more national heroes in snowboarding and skiing.

We saw Alpine skier Mikaela Shiffrin win two impressive medals, but perhaps were most impressed with how she handled the pressure of the situation after the race she did NOT win, a moment when she had to “present” to her audience while standing at the bottom of the ski hill.

Read on for more about Shiffrin’s moment, as well as the collective moments faced by the group of students from Parkland, Florida who, hours after surviving a horrific shooting that killed many of their classmates, decided to stand up and call for a change to gun laws in their state and in our country. You’ll see how people thrust into the role of “presenter” can quickly become comfortable in that role, and we can quickly become more comfortable listening to them, even when they look or sound different than what we typically expect.



The Joy of Winning; The Lessons of Losing 

Sometimes, you need to give an impromptu presentation in conditions that are less than perfect. In that type of situation, it’s more important than ever to be yourself. Read about how Olympic skier Mikaela Shiffrin handled her impromptu moment at the bottom of a mountain in South Korea.


A New Cohort of Powerful Young Presenters

In the past ten days, we have met Emma, David, Cameron, Jaclyn, and a growing group of young people whose biggest worries last month may have been homework, gym class and dealing with their siblings. Now, they’re leading the charge, making sure that we get behind their demands for stronger gun laws in the wake of this month’s shooting at their high school in Florida.


Speak As If You Were Normal

How should you handle a presentation if you don’t look like most other people? If you’re exceptionally tall, short, or different looking, you’ll obviously be concerned that your audience will be distracted. Similarly, if you have a heavy accent, a physical deformity, or are just having a bad hair day, you might be concerned as well. Is there a way to look and sound more “normal?”


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