August 27, 2018
Help Pack 24,000 Meals for the Community
Sunday, September 16 | 8am - 3pm (In 5 shifts, so you can worship and serve)

Join 60+ people (& counting) from Advent and the Upper West Side community in showing our love and solidarity with our neighbors living with food insecurity!

Sign up to help pack 24,000 meals to send to all the food programs in our neighborhood. This event is made possible through our partnership with The Outreach Program, who will be bringing all the food and packing materials needed, and leading the process.

We need 120+ volunteers to pull this project off -- and we are already almost halfway there -- so sign up today, and tell your friends and neighbors!

Congregational Meetings
To address our ministry and building needs. Please save these 3 dates to take part in deciding as a congregation our next steps to address our ministry and building needs.
Presentation Meeting

Sunday, September 23

Offered at 10:05-10:55am, 12:05-12:55am, and 1:15-2:05pm (bilingual)

Community Hall (downstairs)

Discussion Meeting

Sunday, September 30


Community Hall (downstairs)

Decision Meeting

Sunday, October 7


Community Hall (downstairs)

When do the Sept 30 and Oct 7 meetings end?

Our Sept 30 and Oct 7 meetings have no set end time. Plan to worship at 9am in English or 12:30pm in Spanish to fully participate in these meetings. We estimate they will be 1.5 - 2 hours long.

Will there be 11am worship on Sept 30 and Oct 7?

Yes. We'll still have a simple 11am worship upstairs for visitors and anyone not attending the meetings.

Will babysitting be provided during these meetings?

Yes. Babysitting will be provided for all meetings so parents can fully participate.

How should I prepare for these meetings?

Below we've compiled all the documents we've sent out over summer that will help set the stage for our meetings. We recommend reading them all.
Preparing for our Meetings
These are documents we've previously sent out over the summer that will help prepare you for our meetings. Please read them if you haven't had a chance yet, and review as needed before our meetings.

Find these materials, meeting dates, and FAQs anytime at
What's it like Joining the Congregation Council?
In this 3-week spotlight, our 3 newest Council members share what it's like to join and serve on our Congregation Council.
Brelyn Vandenberg

What is it like being on Council?

My term on Advent's Council will be the first time I have stepped into a leadership role at church. As a member for 10 years, I have participated in many different ministries at Advent, but I have never seen the Advent Council make the minutiae decisions to put these ministries in action. I work on being well informed before I attend each meeting, so we can approach each decision thoughtfully and with our community in mind.

What surprised you about Council once you started?

How diverse it is. I have a certain view of the church; then I encounter other church members. They go to a different service, participate in a different ministry, speak another language, or live in another neighborhood.  On Council, we all work toward a common goal in the proper administration of our church, but the diversity of our members works to embody our whole church body, not just as we are, but as we hope to be. 

What does it mean for you, spiritually and personally, to lead the church?

Personally and spiritually, Advent has been a cornerstone of my life here in the Upper West Side. I am married to a Jewish man, raising our two sons far away from where I was born and raised. This can be a difficult path, to maintain my Christianity while living in a multi-faith home. I am happy to have a spiritual community with whom I can share my faith in Jesus Christ AND accept the diversity of the fantastically large and chaotic city in which we exist. While I serve on Council, I realize with leadership comes the great responsibility to create a community where my fellow brothers and sisters in faith can be raised up to serve Christ as they see fit. I am just glad I have the ability to serve in this way.
Council Minutes
We just posted the minutes from Council's latest meeting on August 8. View them here >
Mental Health First Aid Training
Have you ever interacted with a person you thought might have mental health or substance abuse issues, and felt like you could have handled the situation better? We are hosting a full-day Mental Health First Aid training led by Thrive NYC on Tuesday, August 21.

ThriveNYC is an unprecedented commitment by the City of New York to create a mental health system that works for everyone. By participating in this training, we at Advent can respond to God's call to love all our neighbors by learning how to better understand and respond to people with mental health issues.

*In the registration portal, first select "Adult Mental Health First Aid - English" and then in the next screen, select "Advent Lutheran Church" as the location.
Upcoming Classes
Youth Mental Health First Aid | Wednesday, September 26 | 9am-5pm

Adult Mental Health First Aid - Spanish | October 20 | 9am-5pm
Ways to Connect During Summer Travels
4 Ways You Can Support Our Ministry this Summer
Our weekly offerings typically dip in the summer months, while many people in our congregation are away. However, we know steady income contributes to a better budget and healthier church.

You can support our ministry from wherever you are during the summer in any of these four easy ways. You might be surprised by how quick and simple they are.
Learn How
Full Ministry Calendar
What ministry or group will you be involved in this month? There are even more ways to connect in fellowship and service!
View our full Ministry Calendar
This Sunday, September 2 (Labor Day Wknd)
Gospel | Mark 7:1-8, 14-15, 21-23
Preaching | Pastor Danielle at 9am & 11am worship in English, and Pastor Gary 12:30pm worship in Spanish
Presiding | Pastor Gary at 9am & 11am worship in English, and 12:30pm in Spanish
Music Minister | Frank Martignetti
Upcoming Dates
Food Pantry | September 1
Music Mondays: Jasper String Quartet​​​​​​​ | September 17
Community Lunch | Sept 22
First Day of Sunday School | October 14
Stewardship Sunday | October 28
Make a general donation to our church quickly and simply online. Thank you for your faithful generosity.
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