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Sitting Pretty  At first glance, the tailored sofas and chairs at Merrifield’s Willem Smith FurnitureWorks look similar to other high-end North Carolina upholstery. But flip over a few cushions, and you’ll find a comfy little secret: what founder John Smith calls the ErgoRide, an ingenious device that connects the back and and seat cushions. “It keeps things
from slipping and supports the lower back,” he says. “It’s just a better way to sit.” The system, which shows up on Smith’s handsome armchairs and loose-cushion couches, is such an innovation, the company sought—and quickly got—a patent last year. “We drove a sofa down to the U.S. Patent Office in a white van,” says Smith with a laugh. “The examiners were poker-faced as they sat on it, but they must’ve felt the benefit.”  See all Best of City winners.
Shopping Together: Getting to a Furniture 'I do'
Couples often struggle to find furniture they can agree on – inn other words, you’re not alone. No matter how long they’ve been together nor how ‘in sync’ they may appear to be, we come across many pairs who enter the showroom disheartened and a little agitated with each other.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. We’re not licensed therapists but in all modesty we have an enviable track record working with couples by (eventually!) divining then proposing solutions they not only agree on but are excited about. The whole process becomes fun, constructive and everyone cohabitates, comfortably and happily, ever after.

From our experience I’d say, generalizing and stereotyping, that Men live on Mars and Women design Venus. One half of the couple could be indifferent to one hue over another but will contend that any seating option without an ottoman isn’t a seating option. The other half - not necessarily the better half – may gravitate to hip but ergonomically-challenged frames draped in the latest designer fabric with little regard to the practical implications. Ultimately their goal is, of course, to live in interpersonal and decorative harmony. Read more...
Walnut Head Wood Screws
Q: I was wondering if you can recommend a place where I can purchase wood screws with a wood head? Do they even exist? I am trying to refurbish a mid-Century chair, where the original wood screws have been replaced with regular aluminum (?) screws.

A: Sounds like an interesting project. I don’t know if smaller size screws made of wood exist but even if they did I don’t think I would recommend them. I think you have two good options:
  1. Use zinc screws and counter-sink them so you can use a dowel plug. You could choose to try to match the wood frame (there are plenty of sizes and species of plug available) or you could use an attractive contrast plug.
  2. Replace with bronze or brass screws, available in all shapes, colors and sizes, to highlight or hide the joinery. ​

The best websites where you can easily find screws and plugs are, or  Good luck!
Thanks for reading. Sit it to believe it!
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