Volume 8, Issue 5
May, 2015
Greetings from CoachDeck!

As one season ends, another begins! We hope all of your volunteer coaches kept their roles in perspective and made sure that first, and foremost, their players had a lot of fun. One thing your club can do to make sure the fall is fun and productive is to give your coaches a CoachDeck stacked with 52 exciting drills and games that kids love!

In this issue:
Adrian Parrish is back with a specific plan and individual drills so that players can improve at home. Brian Gotta ponders what we want to get out of our kids' participation in sports. And former NBA star, Keith Van Horn makes his OnDeck debut with a must-read for all sports parents.

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Players' Homework - Foot Skills
By Adrian Parrish

Our young soccer players of today seem to have busier schedules with each passing season. I am sure the older generation reading this article will agree that the 21st century is very different than the on that we grew up in. Game consoles, computers, cable television, educational demands and other sporting activities seem to take time away from leisure activities and allowing players to develop and focus on one sport. Read Article
What Do You Want From Your Child's Sports Experience?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

If you have children playing sports, or will someday, you may never have asked yourself what you hope they gain from the experience. In the beginning, we usually put little boys and girls into sports simply to see if they like it and to give them an outlet for their energy. But as they get older, Little League, middle school, high school and beyond, it might be a worthwhile question to ask: What do I hope they get out of playing? Read Article

"Every team manager ought to have the Team Ice Pack with them at each game and practice."

Delusional Parent Disorder in Youth Sports
By Keith Van Horn

Definition of Delusional Parent Disorder:  Parents who have false or unrealistic beliefs or opinions about their children even when confronted with facts: “Watching John yell at his son after the game makes me think he suffers from Delusional Parent Disorder.” Read Article