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The arrival of Alice Murphy, MS, LAPC

Dear Friends,
We are thrilled to announce the association of Alice Murphy, MS, LAPC with Aiken-Augusta Holistic Health. She brings experience as a psychotherapist to our office, and is available for adult clients by appointment. It has been years since we had a psychotherapist in the office, and we are so grateful we found each other!  Please take a moment to get to know her thoughts about therapy and read her qualifications. 
Therapy: What is it and is it for everyone?

Therapy, also known as psychotherapy, is a process of resolving problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses
(sensations in the body). It involves working with a licensed therapist to develop positive thinking patterns and developing healthy coping skills as well as treating mental health issues such as mental illness and trauma. Therapy offers positive support and guidance during difficult life events. Therapy is an action not just a word because it requires intention on the part of the individual.

Is therapy for everyone?
Everyone who wants to engage in therapy can benefit and people who are not
motivated to change probably will not benefit. Unless a person is truly open and
ready to do his or her own work, then therapy can actually create a negative
experience for the person. My job as a therapist is not to fix people, but to support
individuals who want to heal by reflecting their own strength back to them. While
it is important to have friends to talk to, therapists are trained to understand life-
altering events more deeply. Life gets complicated and it sometimes takes a deeper understanding of human nature in order to move beyond the current situation. Therapy equips individuals with effective coping skills to live a more fulfilling life and can be very rewarding. Therapy is often more about understanding yourself and others differently and learning how to cope with different situations that most people deal with at one point or another: relationship dissatisfaction, loss, anger, uncertainty over the future, and/or transitioning from one situation to another. Therapy is about growth and creating opportunities for positive change. I believe individuals could benefit from therapy when they are ready.

Brief bio:
Alice obtained her Masters of Science (MS) in Marriage and Family counseling from Walden University in 2017. She received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology from Augusta State University in 2014. Alice has been trained in parent education, play therapy techniques, family systems therapy and trauma-focus cognitive behavior therapy. She offers evening and weekend appointments to meet the needs of her clients. Alice offers individual adult/child therapy, family therapy, couples sessions, and parent education. Alice’s focus is working with couples and families in time of crisis to minimize the affects on the family unit. Her goal is to educate clients on ways to navigate conflict in order to reduce the stress and anxiety many couples/families face during times of conflict. She works with families to promote healthy communication, conflict management, and setting appropriate boundaries for children and teens.
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