March 2018 Newsletter


Save the Date
March 3- Chocolate Workshop
March 4- Evan Beson Bake Sale
March 9- A Service for Young Families (6:30)
March 11- Pizza, Beer, and Torah
March 16- Birthday and Anniversary Blessing
March 25- School Passover Program,
JF&CS Outing, Sisterhood Seder
March 30- Community First Seder
(RSVP March 21)
What Happened In February?
On February 16, Frankie and Tyler hosted an Oneg, dedicated to Chocolate. We were very thankful to those who came out and we wanted to extend our thanks!
I Love the '80s Purim!

On February 25, Temple Beth Miriam went back to the 80's, with our Purim Spiel. A big thank you to all those actors and actresses! Great job!
Dear Purim Spiel families,
Thank you all so much for an amazing performance of our New Queen on the Block Purim Spiel! I am so proud of all of you for all your hard work and dedication!
The singing, dancing and acting was fantastic! The set was amazing! And the music was perfect! Thank you all so much!
-Marnie Camhi
Here is a video! More can be found on the Temple's youtube channel.

From the Rabbi, Cy Stanway

I am always taken aback at the difference between Purim and Pesach.  Although they have basically the same message, that is the salvation of the Jewish people, they are celebrated in completely different ways.  Purim is filled with the Spiel (which was amazing this year, by the way), a Purim carnival and general silliness.  Passover is filled with deep thinking, questions, and the family-centered Seder meal where the whole story is recounted and recalled.

Why should there be such differences?  I think it has to do with God.  You see, in the Purim story found in the book of Esther, God is not mentioned whereas in the Passover story, God's fingerprints are everywhere.  We got saved in the Purim story due to a series of coincidences and generally good luck.  In other words, we got out by the skin of our teeth and, in a kind of gallows humor, we overly-celebrate to toast to our good luck, rather than good management.

The Passover story is not about luck at all, but rather good management with both Moses and God in the primary roles.  Though Passover seems very serious (as evidenced by the Hagaddah and the seriousness of the Seder), it is also primarily a celebratory holiday.  We celebrate with symbols, not masks, though.

And we celebrate because we know how easy it is for people to become enslaved and how easy it is a Pharoah to take hold of a people and turn them into slaves.  There is nothing humourous about that and that may be one reason that we are more serious as Pesach than Purim.

Passover also gives us a glimpse into the future.  We welcome Elijah who will herald the messianic age when all will be free.  A time when gun violence will no longer enslave a child with fear.  A time when people of color will not fear overt or implied racism.  A time when women and men will no longer be bound by subservient power struggles where sexual abuse is the norm.  There are a myriad of slaveries and each one will, one day, be eradicated by good and decent people who simply want to share the same corner of the universe with everyone else in peace and respect.

Until that great day comes, we will do our Seder and continue to spread the message that as long as the Jew lives, there is hope and it is found in our renewed commitment to reminding ourselves of the Exodus story every year.  Maybe when all are free, we can stop doing Seders - soon and in our day!
From the Cantor, Marnie Camhi
 There is a saying, “Mi-she-nich-nas A-dar mar-bim l’sim-cha.” Which means, “When the month of Adar arrives, we should increase our joy!” Why, you ask? Well, it is because we celebrate the holiday of Purim in Adar! And on February 25 and 28, we surely fulfilled this saying with gusto!

I am kvelling over the fantastic performance of our Purim Spiel- the ‘80s-early ‘90s pop music themed The New Queen on the Block (written and directed by me). Bravo to our cast, crew and musicians! Many thanks to Rachel Adler, Lia Bram, Adrienne Brandl, Chloe Brandl, Reyna Brandl, Lisa Brosniak, Maya Brosniak, Raquel Brosniak, Melia Camhi, Eden Cotler, Olivia Delcoure, Dr. Barry Edison, Paige Edison, Reese Figueiredo, Marian Gross, Lisa Jacobson, Doug Johns, Bob Kellert, Jackson Langer, Andrea Phox, Alex Preston, Adi Raz, Julia Reisler, Sharon Silverman, Rabbi Cy Stanway, Stella Stanway and Skyler Woods.

                                                 Cantor Marnie Camhi
From the Principal, Stella Stanway
This month grades 4 and 6 walked across the street to the Art Shack to learn a bit about Purim and masks and created sketches and drawings of their impressions of masks. This project was funded the Roz Nagel Fund for Special Projects. Our students very much enjoyed the trip out of the building and creating in this new way.

 In honor of the Purim holiday, all the students in the upper school met in the Heimlich Aaron Library to exchange their own Mishloah Manot treats. They got to meet students outside of their own age group and make a few new connections. Our grade 6 students absolutely shone as they led Shabbat services and showed off their Hebrew reading skills by reading a verse of Torah. They led services with confidence and poise.
The SALTY Carnival was a lot of fun this year. On behalf of SALTY, I would like to thank the entire TBM community for coming out and supporting SALTY by playing our games, bidding on the auction and enjoying the food provided by the Men’s club.
Special thanks to Scott Gerbman, Barry Bricken and Danielle Delcuore who supported the teens with set up and break down.
A huge thank you to Al Goldman and his team for shopping and selling hot dogs, pizza, chicken fingers and Mac and cheese. Those funds raised were donated to SALTY.
Thanks also to those who donated items to the gift auction, in particular to Harry and Sharon Silverman, Br. Barry Edison, Al Goldman, Heather Foster, Wendy Sloter, Andrea Phox and Debbie Gerbman.
Here are a few sight from the carnival…enjoy!
Printed Bulletin in April

During our Listening Campaign, we have heard that many people prefer a printed copy of the bulletin. When we make our Passover calls to say hi and wish you a Chag Sameach, we will ask if you want to get the printed bulletin. You will all still get a .PDF of the bulletin emailed but, if you want a hard copy, we will be happy to let you know. If you want to let us know right away, email Tyler at and let her know.  Or, if you want to take this one question survey, click here.

Greg & Jackie Coben
Arthur & Karen Hodes
Martin & Sondra Epstein
Richard & Cyndi Berger
Evan Benson
Brian Gillet
Anna Vernick
Michael Zappacosta
David Meier
I. Mark Cohen
Shereen Haas
Eduard Coelho
Carly Fiest
Victoria Brosniak
Deborah Cotler
Michael Gross
Paul Edelson
Jamie Piscitelli
Judy Eisenberg
Robert Kaye
Madeline Fabricant
Paula Rowland
Janet Fromkin
Earl Moore


Rachel Oglensky
Jacob Bader
Frederick Cohen
Max Epstein
Rabbi Brooks Susman
Rachel Adler
Carole Maling
Ivee Fromkin
Dr. Gerald Kass
Annette Chomsky
Kara Zappacosta
Sylvan Goldwert
Raina Lambert
David Katz
Dr. Stuart Lippsett

Virginia Weiner
Francine Cohen
Seth Fromkin
Alexandra Ivey
Abraham Stanway
Jesse Lehman
Jacob Bazer
Matthew Bazer
Kirk Kerensky
Paige Edison
Aria Harkavy
Nancy Singer Olaguera
Benjamin Girard
Steven Kaye
Alexandra Lavy
Debbie Arbus
Phyllis Baron
Dr. Howard Jewell
Marissa Lambert
Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of Alan Bonnar
-Harry & Sharon Silverman

In memory of Linda Ledwitz
-Lois Barrett

The Endowment Fund
In memory of Alan Bonnar
- Rabbi  Cy and Stella Stanway

In  memory of Alan Bonnar
-Mike & Marian Gross

Wishing Judy Benn a speedy recovery
-Mike and Marian Gross

Sonya Grossman Art & Beautification Fund
In memory of Linda Ledwitz
- Richard Berger

Pess Family Youth Group Fund
In honor of the marriages of Rachel and Rebecca
-Bob and Ilene Kellert

Rabbi Discretionary Fund
In memory of Alan Bonnar
- Marty & Judi Steinweiss

Wish List
In memory of Seymour Miller
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

In memory of Alan Bonnar
-Mark & Kathy Cohen

In memory of Alan Bonnar
-Bob & Ilene Kellert

March Yahrzeits
March 3-  Leonard Bierman, Frances Kashdan, Rose Klein, Anne Mintzer, Anne Mintzer, Daniel Schwadron, Marvin Goldstein, Steven Hollander, Fanny Levin, Joseph Lubin, Max Raskin, Maxine Rosenbloom, Maxine Rosenbloom, Sylvia Rosenkranz, Rozlyn Statmore, Joseph Bernat, Lois-Lee Bierman, Charles Federma, Robert Friedman, Henrietta Krantz, Ruth Mulnick, Aaron Neimark
March 10-
Evelyn Blank
Louis Chancer
Louis Glickman
Eva Rubinstein
Louis Sirotkin
Bertha Stein
Jacob Stolzenberg
Lillian Blumenthal
Hannah Buckman
Barry Gillman
Bernard Kaye
Rena Schlesinger
Sylvia Stamler Ginsberg
Ann Sachs
Michael Selbst
Joel Gruskin
Evelyn Nissenberg
Evelyn Nissenberg
Abraham Reigel
Rose Barnett
Gertrude Etter
Louis Hersch
Gloria LeBlanc
Hazel Lerner
Ben Moser
James Petty, Jr.
Paul Topper
Joseph Corman
Bessie Fried
Dorothy Gellis
George Luxner
Sara Nadler
Marjorie Nussbaum
Marjorie Nussbaum
Lillian Pashall
Walter Blazer
Sylvia Domes
Edmund Hersh
Daisy Massar
Leon Massar
March 17-
Sadie Bier
Melvin Block
Ann Bosniak
Max Brown
Reina Hechter
Sigmund Herschaft
Jerome  Dobken
Frank Kasson
Frances Lewis
Michael Lichtman
Michael Lichtman
Nettie Revits
Paul Epstein
Benjamin Schultz
Gertrude Weinberger
Samuel Schoninger
May Stambler
Ralph Conn
Florence Farber
Florence Farber
David Gray
Sidney Leichter
Julia Rapps
Estelle Tucker
Isadore Zlotkin
Jerry Braiman
Frances Foster
Minnie Levitt
Bertha Milberg
Kay Nelson
Anita Posner
Alan Arbus
Nettie Kane
Ira Katchen
Beatrice Kirschner
Eileen Lemansky
Richard Nawratzki
Emmett Peck
Monroe Pincus
March 24-
Madeline Muscara
Carol Rubin
Alan Arbus
Fannie Brooks
Louis Kaye
Samuel Rosenbaum
Seymour Teich
Barbara Beller
Theodore Calafates
Milton Conford
Frances Ehrenhalt
Lois Finver
Charles Goldman
Walter Jonas
Walter Jonas
Phyllis Toner
Jeanette Zweben
Fred Agin
Joseph Dennis
Rhea Gordon
Lydia Heller
David Heyman
Abraham Lasher
Abraham Lasher
Horace Moyer
Solomon Schwartz
Jacob Wolin
Bertha Barr
Bernice Bricken
Abraham Casriel
Jack Hersch
Joseph Dwork
Betty Fish
Joan Fisher
Joseph Fleck
Sylvia Kamm
Michael Mintzer
Ida Neimark
Andrew Nitzberg
Donald Platnick
Max Silverstein
Frieda Zimring
Aaron Czolcczynski
Paul Morris
Regina Neimark
George Scott
March 30- **
Esther Berkowitz
Ida Chancer
Barnett Kern
Beverly Kreisberg
Joseph Silverstein
Jacob Greenstone
Milton Lipstein
Sydney Berger
David Berman
William Greenbaum
Nathan Heller
Simon Jacobson
Celia Jaffe
Sam Richlin
Ronald Rubinstein
Ronald Rubinstein
Ronald Rubinstein
Ronald Rubinstein
Ida Stein
Milton Berger
Jennie Cohen
Edith Fetz
Gussie Kotkin
Lillian Marsh
Ruth Morse
Helen Hirsch
Gilbert Kart
Larry Katz
Samuel Marlin
Morris Rutenberg
Maurice Stalberg
Seymour Wenger
Alexander Franklin
Becky Selbst

**Please note that names listed on March 30, will be called on April 6  at the 7:30 service.