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Volume 4 Issue 1
January 2011

In This Issue
Penalty Shootouts
Does Playing Sports Make You Successful in Life?
Invisible Opponent
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In this month's issue:
Adrian Parrish offers tips on choosing the right players for, and coaching them to be effective in, penalty shots. Brian Gotta wonders if there is a correlation between playing sports and success later in life. And, Jodi Sheakley's article on nutrition is a must-read for any parent.
Coaching Players in Penalty Shootouts
Adrian Parrish
By Adrian Parrish

The game of soccer can be extremely entertaining but because it also carries a reputation of being a low scoring game. Sometimes a winner needs to be decided through a format which some people believe is not a fair way of declaring a winner. Read Article
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Brian Gotta

Does Playing Sports Translate to More Success in Life?

By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

It is something we hear repeatedly as an adage describing the value of youth sports: "Life Lessons." I've written the words myself on numerous occasions. It would be difficult to imagine anyone reading this article who did not believe that the positives derived from kids playing sports far outweigh any negatives. But does playing sports as a child, and into adolescence and beyond, make it more likely we'll succeed in life? And if so, why?
Read Article
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Facing Off Against an Invisible Opponent

by Jodi Sheakley, MS, CFT

When one hears the term, "opponent," we picture the athletes who sport a different team's logo. Yet many of our rivals don't even wear athletic jerseys. Some of our toughest opponents include cold and flu viruses, bacteria that cause strep or staph infections, and a host of other unwanted guests. Read Article

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